How is EasyClean installed?

At a Glance:

  • ≥6m panels can be simply cut on site using conventional power tools
  • Fixes to the wall using high security top & bottom mounting rails
  • Covers and joints hidden and protected by stainless steel covers
  • Push fit connectors at corners and ends makes for a simple ‘above ground’ install
  • Hygienic top capping and bottom rail integrate seamlessly into walls & floors
  • Feed and returns in industry standard 15mm pipework to conventional controls
  • Through floors, walls and from ceilings – convenient install at practically any time
  • Retro-fit or new build – no disturbance to floors and no special screeds required

The EasyClean panels are formed in up to 6m lengths which can be cut to size, either on site with conventional power tools or at our factory. Most walls are therefore finished in a single piece with no joints.

The EasyClean panels are fixed to the walls using a patented mounting rail top & bottom that provides a high security and hygienic seal to the walls and floors.

Where joints are required, such as in corners, the EasyClean system has a range of patented push fit connectors to continue the flow of water around the room, with no need for several drops or feed & return points in order to complete the circumference. The connectors are hidden and protected by a snap-fit stainless steel, colour matched cover that cannot be removed without tools when fully installed.

The top security capping will resist damage and attack, and also provide a flexible seal to the white roc or vinyl wall covering to prevent the ingress of fluids or waste, and a safe edge in the event of a trip or a fall. Where installed, the bottom rail has a flexible lip for integration into coved vinyl flooring for a sealed unit that can be wiped free of infection when mopping the floors.

In high risk areas, the flexible top edge can be replaced with anti-pick mastic to provide an unbeatable combination of comfort, control and security.

Being an ‘above ground’ (but not ‘overhead’) heating solution, the EasyClean system can be installed at practically any time after 1st fix. There is no need for 6 week curing time wait for special screed as with under floor heating before floor finishes or other work can commence, nor is there any need for access platforms or high security ceiling anchors as there would be for overhead radiant panels.


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