A Warmer Christmas Thanks to Thermaskirt

If your family home is located in beautiful Cheshire Countryside and yet only a few hundred metres away

Flood Proof Skirting Boards

With recent weather events hitting the headlines, thoughts have turned from cleaning to rebuilding and renovating those properties devastated by flood water.

Thermaskirt vs Underfloor Heating

Here at DiscreteHeat we are often asked "Why choose ThermaSkirt instead of underfloor heating". The answer we invariably give is "Depends". You see, here at DiscreteHeat, we recognise that for many applications, UFH is a great solution – non more so than in a new build with hard floor finishes such as tiles and marble.

Mendip Special Needs School

The Mendip schools aim is to replicate the innovative, highly regarded and successful approaches developed at Fosse Way School.

Heating All A-round

Off-site or modular construction whilst offering several advantages over traditional construction such as repeatability and all-weather working, does sometimes throw up its’ own challenges and hurdles.

Morgan Stanley Bank, Docklands, London

Right in the heart of London’s financial district stands the Morgan Stanley building designed by the world famous architects SOM. Despite the multi million pound heating and cooling system installed, there were concerns raised about the heating in many of the meeting rooms and offices in the building. A simple fix seemed impossible, until the Facilities Manager spotted the ThermaSkirt e electric skirting heating system.

The lvy Restaurant - London

Recently installed in the private dining area of the world renowned Ivy restaurant in the heart of Londons’ West End, ThermaSkirt e is taking the chill off the cold Winter evenings.Opting for the stylish Deco BM profile in Cricket White, the electric version of ThermaSkirt was fitted in a few hours to minmise disruption to diners.

EasyClean tackles spread of infection

On the 1st of August 2015, the Department of Health is issuing a compulsory nationwide vaccination for Meningococcal group W for first year university students due to start studies this September. Meningococcal group W (known as MenW) is a virulent strain of bacterial meningitis that has been on the rise since 2009 and is causing concern amongst universities due to the susceptibility of adolescents and young adults to the bacteria. In 2014 there were 117 confirmed cases of MenW and this figure is continuing to rise.

A hidden secret when decorating your home

Are you considering redecorating your house? There are many reasons to change the outlook of your house. People re-decorate for many reasons. For some people it could be that they have not re-decorated in many years and fancy a change to how their house looks. When a house looks newly done up, it can give you pride especially when your friends come around and are impressed by the new look. There can be other reasons, such as if you are considering selling your house, you may wish to add value and make it more attractive to prospective buyers.

Replacing a Failed Underfloor Heating System

Here at DiscreteHeat, we supply at least an order a week as a replacement for a failed underfloor heating system. Whilst it would be unfair to claim that any more than a small percentage of UFH systems fail, there is no denying the distress, upheaval, cost and disturbance they cause when they do.


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