• Creates valuable wall and floor space for no extra build cost
  • Maximises kerb appeal by removing the radiators
  • Reduced risks and operating costs
  • Durable and vandal resistant
  • Energy efficient – ideal for PRS or tackling fuel poverty
  • Designed for Life – future proof the property.
  • Reduces floor build up to optimise building height

It’s your call, isn’t it? You’re the developer, it’s your money, you’re calling the shots. You have a team of experienced experts who know what they’re doing and you’re in safe hands.

Developing can be a risky business, with a lot at stake so why not just do what everybody else does. Why not just do what you did last time?

Where’s the fun in that?

The fact is that if you’re reading this, you’re not everybody else. You’re inquisitive, interested in new ideas and technologies and want to improve the properties you produce.

Which of these sentences strikes a chord with you?

Radiators: Safe, simple, steady as she goes. Ugly, space stealing, dusty, 19th Century.
UFH: Clean, invisible, sophisticated. Slow, heavy, costly and a nightmare to fix.
There is however an alternative.

With more than 60,000 installed systems

ThermaSkirt is the No1 alternative to radiators and underfloor heating

With more than 10 years experience in installing in existing, challenging and sometimes listed buildings there is virtually no hurdle that hasn’t been overcome making installation in a new build project a piece of cake.

10 years and 60,000 systems? We’re the plumbing and heating industries best kept secret.

With the average value of real estate around £4,000 m2 and the average radiator occupying 0.7m2 of floor space each, isn’t it worth looking into?

How Can We Help?

Our in-house design team are here to assist with planning.

Why not send over your plans in PDF, DXF, DWG or any other electronic format for a free, no obligation consultation and costing?

Case Studies

Offsite Modular Housing

When building homes that are designed to be transported on Britains’ Roads, it is widely understood that there is a practical maximum width of around 4.5m before expensive vehicle escorts are required or circuitous routes planned to avoid narrow roads and bridges. Modular Homes that are joined along the vertical axis to create a wider home have to be particularly mindful of weatherproofing and services such as plumbing and electrical need to be configured with joints to facilitate them joining side-by-side.

Park Place Plaza, Stevenage

Converting unloved office developments was a key plank in the Governments strategy of brownfield regeneration in town centres, and planning laws were relaxed on their change of use. But converting run-down open plan offices into affordable desirable residences isn’t always straightforward as insulation levels are often poor, designed-for-desk height windows usually made them smaller & higher than current market trends, and the internal floor space to external wall area ratio can make apartments dark and dingy.

20 apartments for persons with physical and learning Disability

HB Villages is one of the UK’s most successful provider of assisted living apartments to local authorities and one of the most progressive in terms of adopting new techniques and technologies. HB Villages provide a custom built assisted living ‘centre’ allowing persons with both physical and learning disabilities to live in comfort and with dignity, with on-site 24 hour care and assistance if and as needed by the clients. This means that stretched council services can provide better care and management of people.


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