ThermaSkirt E is an energy efficient electric infrared radiant heating system, cleverly designed to look just like a traditional skirting board. By combining 2 elements in one, it will save you installed cost, valuable wall and floor space, improve the aesthetics of your room and reduce your energy bills.

Available in various styles and colours, ThermaSkirt is the ideal heating solution for both new build and renovation projects.

No Boiler?

No Problem.

Electrical heating is not always suitable for every building. However, it is a perfect solution for smaller, well insulated buildings with low energy requirements – making it a great choice for new homes.

With more and more electrical energy being generated from renewable sources, it can also help to reduce the overall carbon impact of a building. Once electric heating is installed, as more and more of the grid ‘goes green’ swathes of houses can be automatically upgraded to low carbon heating, without any disturbance or modification.

 Lower upfront costs when building or renovating a home
 Build quicker and with greater freedom
 Little to no service or maintenance required
 No heating pipework in the house
 Responds quickly to heat demand
 Simple upgrade to low carbon, renewable energy
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At just 20mm (3/4”) in depth, our ThermaSkirt profiles look just like traditional skirting boards to provide you with an elegant finish to enhance your home.

Future Proof

With volatile oil prices and uncertain supply, less and less natural gas and more renewable electricity production, heating your home with an electric heating system will future proof your property. With the U.K.s commitment to reduce its carbon footprint by adopting more renewable energy such as solar, wind and nuclear, it all points towards electricity as the fuel of the future.

Electric heating is 100% efficient and carbon neutral at the point of use, and with gas boilers being phased out on new build from 2025, more and more developers are switching to electric heating with its minimal maintenance, single utility power provider and wide choice of heat emitters.

How does it work?

Working in conjunction with one of Europe’s most experienced and reputable manufacturers of heating technology, we have developed a unique heating element that is secured to the rear of a radiant panel which has been specifically designed to look like a typical skirting board profile.

These skirting panels are simply cut to size and installed using an insulating rear-mount fixing all around the room – why not ask about our factory cut and prepared option to speed installation?

ThermaSkirt-e skirting is then connected to a standard 220/240V supply which can simply be turned on and off when required by the thermostat control. This allows you complete and precise control to reduce your energy consumption and keep costs to a minimum.

Once the ThermaSkirt is switched on the face of the panel heats up and radiates heat into the room in the same way that underfloor heating does but as it’s all above ground response times are much quicker and the room heats up in minutes rather than hours.

 Highly efficient infrared radiant heating panel
 Connects to a standard 220/240V switched fused supply
 Can work with any floor construction or finish
 Responds quickly to heat demand
 Provides clean, hygienic heat with no grilles, slots or fins

How is it installed?

Installing the ThermaSkirt-e system is straight forward. Once an electrician has taken a power supply to the switch fused spur the rest can be carried out by a competent self‐builder or tradesman using the detailed instructions provided.

 Cut ThermaSkirt panels to appropriate lengths
 Fit adjustable mounting brackets to the walls
 Connect termination PCB then connect the incoming 230v supply
 Fit the heating cables into each section of skirting
 Snap-fit each length onto the wall mounting brackets
 Clip on the covers to perfect the look

Space Saving

As ThermaSkirt provides the heating and skirting on one, it will free up your walls from space-stealing panel radiators and storage heaters. With usable space very often the most valuable element of a property, ThermaSkirt makes perfect sense.

 Frees up valuable wall and floor space
 Simple decorating with no radiator removal
 Optional cable management cover
 Reduces airborne dust & mites

Energy Efficient

As ThermaSkirt e provides far infrared radiant heat, evenly distributed and from low level, you can save running costs compared to wall hung panel radiators or storage heaters.

ThermaSkirt e has a unique power modulating control PCB that provides 50% of the normal full power on start up. This can help to reduce running costs when the room is hovering around the target temperature, as full power is only used when the room needs a significant boost in energy input.

 Up to 13% more efficient than radiators
 Responsive and controllable
 Only uses energy as and when heat is required
 All radiant heat emitted into the room
 Optimum performance with any floor covering
 LOT20 Energy Saving ECO Controls available

Fire Safety

Unlike traditional panel heaters, ThermaSkirt e has a unique heating element that does not overheat – even when covered over. This eliminates the need for a thermal fuse which can cause maintenance or repair issues, and more importantly, completely eliminates the risk of fire should combustible materials such as paper, clothes or bedding be placed over the heating.

With recent tragic events in high rise residential towers, there is a significant interest in improving fire safety of electrical equipment such as fridge freezers, tumble dryers and electrical heaters. In this respect, ThermaSkirt e is already ahead of the curve

 Unique, self-regulating heating element
 Will not overheat even if covered over
 Automatically resets with no risk of fusing or burn out
 5 year warranty on heating element

Cost Saving

Combing the skirting and radiators in one, creates a very cost effective, budget conscious heating solution whether it be new build or retrofit. Provided in a pre-finished, tough epoxy powder paint finish with a removable ‘top gasket’ (instead of requiring caulking), it is a rapid, dry installation that requires no curing time before floor coverings are laid and utilises a single trade to fit.

 Combines the skirting boards and heating in one
 Pre finished with durable epoxy powder coat
 A simple fit usually only requiring one tradesman
 Can be provided pre-cut to exact room size
 Completely accessible & adaptable post install
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Control Options

ThermaSkirt works just like your radiators, meaning that it can be seamlessly integrated into your existing smart home thermostats and controls.

From January 2018 electrical heaters need to comply with the EU ECO Directive known as LOT 20, and DiscreteHeat can offer several compliant solutions for complete peace of mind and energy efficiency.

 Compatible with all major controls i.e Hive, Nest etc
 Smart phone and wi-fi enabled options
 Manifold or hidden 2 port valve
 Mechanical option for radiator replacement


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