Quality Policy & Objectives


DiscreteHeat Ltd quality policy is to achieve sustained, profitable growth by providing Products and Services which consistently satisfy or exceed the needs and expectations of its customers.

This level of quality is achieved through adoption of a system of processes that reflect the competence of the Company to existing customers, potential customers, and independent auditing authorities.

Achievement of this policy involves all staff, who are individually responsible for the quality of their work, resulting in a continually improving working environment for all. This policy is provided and explained to each employee by the Managing Director, Operations Director or Quality Manager.

To achieve and maintain the required level of assurance the Managing Director retains responsibility for the Quality System with routine operation controlled by the Quality Manager.

To help achieve these aims and objectives the company will provide all necessary resources, the Operations Director will control the system and shall ensure that all staff are adequately trained and that they have all equipment required to carry out their responsibilities.

The objectives of the Quality Assurance System are:

  • To maintain an effective Quality Management System complying with International Standard ISO9001:2015.
  • To measure via KPI’s and reduce to as close to zero as possible company Non-Conformances.
  • To measure via KPI’s and reduce to as close to zero as possible Customer Complaints.
  • To ensure compliance with relevant statutory and safety requirements.
  • To measure via KPI’s and increase Customer Satisfaction continually.
  • To ensure compliance with relevant statutory and safety requirements
  • To continually strive to identify improvement initiatives both internally and externally for all busines activities and relationships, to identify and action Risk and Opportunity to safeguard and improve the business on a continual Basis. Measured and actioned through Customer Feedback, NCRs, Internal and external Communications.

R. Hamer
Operations Director

Company Quality Statement (Objectives)

Business Goal

To get it right first time, every time and strive to exceed customer expectations whenever possible.

Business Management Process

Our business system will conform to the requirements of ISO 9001.

Business Principles

Quality derives from a staff commitment to service and excellence. This belief is stated as a business principle.

Customer Focus

Customer requirements come first. Quality begins and ends with the customer and we strive to always satisfy their needs. This is reflected in our flexibility - both as individuals and as an organisation.


We build mutually beneficial relationships with customers and suppliers.


We search for, design and supply creative products and services.


Our Employees work together as a team to satisfy our customers.

Process Emphasis

We focus our Employees on practical processes to ensure consistent results.

Continual Improvement

Through management review of our Quality Management System we aim to continually improve business performance, processes, products and services.

Employee Development

Through active mentoring we create a culture where staff have the skills and are empowered to take responsibility for the results of their actions which contributes to the success of the Company.

R. Hamer
Operations Director


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