The EasyClean LST range of products have been designed in cooperation with the NHS and major Assisted Living providers as an alternative to traditional LST radiators and covers, overhead radiant panels and under floor heating.

Being a completely sealed radiant skirting trim, it is simple to fit and above all easy to clean. Having no slots or grilles for harmful bacteria to enter and incubate, it is simply wiped free of infection when mopping the floors. No cases or covers to remove, no special tools and keys, no deep clean teams.

Being naturally low surface temperature, but with a rapid response time on & off, it is a perfect alternative to under floor heating in bedroom and living space environments. No overheating or underheating, and no complaints from staff of tired legs and feet, from standing on heated floors all day.

Impact and Durability Testing

In secure hospitals such as Rampton & Broadmoor, as well as assisted living providers taking care of persons with challenging behaviour; resistance to damage is a key consideration.

For applications where self-harm is a real risk, the ability to prevent chords and ligatures being secured is a major factor in selecting fixtures and fittings.

This video, shot inside an assisted living apartment prior to handover, amply demonstrates the typical assault that ThermaSkirt Easy Clean can easily resist.

No LST radiator can combine this level of durability & ease of cleaning, whilst offering the natural anti-ligature and space saving appeal of ThermaSkirt.

No UFH system can match the controllability, ease of installation, maintenance and versatility of ThermaSkirt.

Clean & hygienic heat

The natural detritus and dust that collects behind and between a radiators’ panels, is the ideal breeding ground for virulent organisms such as C.Diff and MRSA and the convection currents radiators rely on to distribute the heat, is the perfect delivery system for microbiological infections.

The EasyClean LST system has already been installed on several major NHS projects, and specified on dozens more.

 Designed & Developed in cooperation with the NHS
 Low cost infection control
 Hygienic top edge and floor trim
 Anti-tamper top capping
 Safe & secure

Assisted Living

With more and more elderly and learning disabled persons requiring extra care, either in their own home or in dedicated centres of excellence, the EasyClean heating system is the ideal product to provide service users with a clean, comfortable and safe environment.

Available in a wide range of familiar profiles and colours the system can provide clients with a low maintenance, hygienic and energy efficient radiant heating solution that takes up no wall space and provides no risk of tripping or impact hazard.

 Sealed to walls and floors
 Minimal air movement to stop spread of infection
 Naturally anti-ligature – no exposed pipes, valves or fixings
 Low operating temperatures
 Adaptable, versatile and maintainable

How does it work?

ThermaSkirt is manufactured using a highly conductive alluminium alloy that radiates heat up to 5 times more effectively than steel.

Radiant heat, emitted low down and all-around creates that wonderful warm environment often associated with underfloor heating, but being above ground, ThermaSkirt responds in minutes and works with any floor construction or covering. Connecting onto any typical central heating system, boiler or heat pump ThermaSkirt carries all necessary testing and safety certificates.

 Highly efficient infrared radiant heating panel
 Connects onto existing 2 pipe radiator system
 Oval tubes create a super-slim profile
 Responds quickly to heat demand
 Works with conventional boilers & renewables

How is it installed?

Designed with the DIY enthusiast in mind, ThermaSkirt is installed as an alternative skirting board. Available in lengths up to 6 metres, most walls can be installed in one, simple section. Unique and patented push fit connectors make for a quick and and easy installation.

 DIY or supply and fit options available
 Simple push fit connections
 No soldering, sealants or glues
 Connects onto a typical 15mm pipe circuit
 Suitable for any floor construction or finish

Space Saving

ThermaSkirt not only creates more usable, versatile living space by freeing your wall of radiators, it also improves the aesthetics of your home. With no radiators to obstruct your walls, redecorating becomes simpler and as ThermaSkirt creates no dust or discouloration, your décor lasts longer as well.

 Free’s up valuable wall and floor space
 Simple decorating with no draining down
 Cable mangement cover
 Reduces airborne dust

Energy Efficient

As ThermaSkirt provides radiant heat, evenly distributed and from low level, you can run your heating system at lower operating temperatures and still comfortably heat your home. Typically 13% better than radiators on a gas boiler system, savings up to 25% can be achieved when connected to renewables such as heat pumps or solar.

 Up to 25% more efficient than radiators
 Responsive and controllable
 All radiant heat emitted into the room
 Low water content
 NHP Award - Most Innovative Product
Some of our clients include

Cost Saving

Combing the skirting and radiators in one, creates a very cost effective, budget conscious heating solution whether it be new build or retrofit. Provided in a pre-finished, tough epoxy powder paint finish with a removable ‘top gasket’ (instead of requiring caulking), it is a rapid, dry installation that requires no curing time before floor coverings are laid and utilises a single trade to fit.

 Combines the skirting boards and heating in one
 Pre finished with epoxy powder coat paint
 A dry fit usually only requiring one tradesman
 Can be provided pre-cut to exact room size
 Completely accessible & adaptable post install
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Control Options

ThermaSkirt works just like your radiators, meaning that it can be seemlessly integrated into your existing smart home thermastats and controls.

 Compatible with all major controls i.e Hive, Nest etc
 Smart phone and wi-fi enabled options
 Manifold or hidden 2 port valve
 Mechanical option for radiator replacement


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