EasyClean Controllability

  • EasyClean will heat up a room in around 15~20 minutes – nothing is as responsive
  • EasyClean cools quickly when required, avoiding overheating
  • EasyClean will work with any floor finish or construction – vinyl, carpet, laminate or tiles
  • EasyClean can be controlled by a simple room thermostat, a wall sensor and manifold or even a full BMS control system
  • EasyClean contains typically 1/2 to a 1/3rd the water content of a similar UFH system, improving response

The switch from conventional LST radiators to under floor heating has created a problem that is acutely felt in care homes and patient bedrooms and can be a real headache for staff and patients alike: Overheating.

Small, well insulated rooms such as those found in modern hospital, care home or assisted living simply do not lose heat fast enough to cope with the temperate maritime climate of the UK, which can see frost and snow in the morning and bright sunshine before lunch.

Burying the pipes in the concrete not only limits any significant changes to layout involving moving walls, or fixing any beds or furniture to the floor, it also creates a heat store that can often take hours to cool down.

Overheating is a significant cause of distress in persons with learning difficulties or dementia, and as they are less able to control their environment, often causes confusion and challenging behaviour.

Similarly slow response times from cold can mean that in the event of a cold snap, the EasyClean system can bring the occupied space up to temperature in a matter of minutes. This is ideal for rooms or spaces that have intermittent occupancy, or are only occasionally used.


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