ThermaSkirt in the Workplace

ThermaSkirt is an ideal alternative to conventional radiators, UFH (underfloor heating) and fan coil units. Consider the following benefits that ThermaSkirt can bring to your place of work.

  • Energy Efficient – ThermaSkirt enables your current heating system to operate at its maximum efficiency.
  • Rapid response – over & under heating is terrible for workplace output. ThermaSkirt can be switched on and off within minutes, increasing comfort levels & productivity
  • Even heat distribution – eliminates Thermostat ‘road rage’ with employees closest to the radiator too hot, and those nearest the door too cold
  • Versatile layout – radiator free walls enable you to position people and equipment in the most logical location
  • Convenient detachable cable cover for data & audio cables
  • Healthy heat – minimal air movement ensures the spread of infection by the heating system is eliminated, or ailments such as asthma are not aggravated
  • Safe & Secure – with no hard edges, trip hazards or exposed pipes, ThermaSkirt reduces the overall risk of workplace related injuries and claims
  • Adaptable if the workplace area changes shape – Unlike UFH where the heating layout is ‘set in stone’, ThermaSkirt can be reconfigured to suit
  • Skirting boards for 'free' – if it's a new workspace, ThermaSkirt provides the heating and skirting in one, maximising your budget

Image Courtesy of British Gas Training Centre
Image Courtesy of British Gas Training Centre
2012 Salon, Coventry. Urban LT in Carbon Black
2012 Salon, Coventry. Urban LT in Carbon Black


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