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ThermaSkirt has many benefits over conventional radiators, but one often under-appreciated advantage is its Health & Safety benefits.

Trips & falls onto the hard edges of radiators (and often their LST covers) is a major source of injury, not only to the very young and old in the home, but also in areas such as mental health, schools and public spaces, custodial and secure centres. ThermaSkirt solves these problems at a stroke.

Concerns about scalds and burns on hot exposed pipes can also be eliminated by installing ThermaSkirt with the Thermiser surface temperature control.

Finally, issues that concern our most vulnerable members of society such as those who would self-harm are completely addressed by ThermaSkirts natural anti-ligature features.

Image of radiator, air movement and dust staining

Unlike traditional radiators, ThermaSkirt creates virtually no convection currents (air movement) that carry dust or particles. Radiators rely on convection currents to spread around their heat energy, but also create air movement that carry these particles around the room.

This can be seen by the staining of the walls and wallpapers above convector radiators after a period of time – this is the dust and particles picked up by the air movement that can often trigger an attack in people with allergies and asthma or provide other respiratory problems.

* Marks staining the walls show how radiators disperse dust and infections

Healthy Heat    Impossible to clean Radiators between panels
LST radiators are a major cleaning challenge

The grilles and fins associated with conventional radiators make them hard to keep clean and are seen as a health issue and potential source of infection in hospitals, schools and other public buildings.

Reducing Costs in the Care Home Sector

Radiant heat, as provided by ThermaSkirt, effectively heats the body not the room and as such creates a warm and healthy environment at lower operating temperatures.

It's easy to clean lines and smooth contours make cleaning and maintenance straight forward.

* Many hospitals and care homes are replacing radiators with ThermaSkirt

Consider ThermaSkirts Health Benefits;

  • Virtually no convection, eliminating the distribution of dust and dirt around the room
  • Easy to clean – a simple wipe (or mop) down eliminates infections such as C.Difficile, MRSA and other Healthcare acquired infections (HAIs)
  • No dusts staining of walls or surfaces
  • Maintenance free

For further information, download the NHS & HealthCare brochure

Whilst ThermaSkirt can very often operate at Low Surface Temperatures (LST) the hyperbole about burns and scalds that conventional radiators cause is actually over blown.

Consider the facts from the last set of RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) concerning radiator related injuries;

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

Radiator Related Injuries
Falls, Trips, Impacts 25,936 86.66%
Grab injury burns to hands & arms* 1,847 6.10%
Burns to other part of body 583 1.90%
Other Causes 1,543 5.16%
Total Radiator Accidents 29,909 99.82%

As can be seen, more than 85% of the 29,000 radiator accidents are associated with falls, trips and impacts – something that ThermaSkirt immediately eliminates by virtue of having no exposed edges or pipework, entrapment spaces, or indeed ligature points.

Where hot surfaces are an issue, such as in NHS hospitals, care homes or mental health units, ThermaSkirt can offer the Thermiser control system which limits the surface temperature to the desired level.

Click here to see Thermiser Surface Temperature Controls

In summary;

  • 90% of radiator related accidents are impact & trip related – something ThermaSkirt eliminates
  • No ligature points - suitable for sensitive areas such as mental health & custodial units
  • Surface Temperature Controls – limits the surface temperature even on combined systems using radiators elsewhere in the building

Radiant Thermal Skirting Heating in the Health Care Sector

Humans don't experience the 'heat loss' of the building, only their heat loss or otherwise into the room environment. ThermaSkirt creates an all-round comfortable ambiance in minutes from start-up – something radiators or under floor heating cannot match.

Healthy Heat

The core temperature of an average person is 36.8°C, but the surface (i.e. skin) temperature is an average of 31.7°C. With a room design temperature of 21°C or 22°C, this means that you are actually 'heating' the room, i.e. you are transferring energy to the room. The key factor is the rate of heat loss that determines our comfort level. Too much and you feel a chill. Too little and you'll feel stuffy. It's a fine line between both and usually no more than ±2°C.

Remember the warm feeling you get from the sun even on a cold day on a snowy mountain? That’s radiant heat from 93,000,000 miles away. ThermaSkirt, like under floor heating works in the same way, gently radiating heat from all directions at low level. As a result, you feel warm even at lower room temperature settings compared to conventional radiators that create hot & cold spots. Virtually no air movement creates a warm ambient environment, without dryness, to provide a pleasant comfortable room using less energy.

In summary;

  • Radiant heat is infra red energy warming you – not the air around you
  • ThermaSkirt is indistinguishable from underfloor heating in its heat distribution
  • Virtually still air - creating a healthy, warm ambient environment
  • No hot spots eliminates irritating dryness

Conventional radiators and pipework provide an anchor point for those vulnerable people who would seek to self harm by suspension or ligature.

Air Movement

Air Movement

* Anti-ligature radiator covers practically destroy energy efficiency

As a result, extremely bulky anti ligature radiator covers with performance sapping tiny air vents are required if people at risk are to be protected from themselves.

Similarly overhead radiant panels, by requiring secure ceiling fixings have to undergo significant risk assessment and modification before they are suitable for use in high risk situations.

Even then, their uncomfortable heating pattern –from the head down- exacerbate the feelings of distress that people at risk often feel. In addition, because of their position – literally out of reach – cleaning becomes a maintenance issue, not a cleaning task.

Contrast this with ThermaSkirts smooth, clean lines, with no ligature points or exposed pipework.

ThermaSkirt in secure unit
By being safe and secure at skirting level, it’s easy to clean and there are no health risks to the occupants


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