How does EasyClean work?

At a Glance:

  • Provides a radiant panel at skirting trim height
  • Wet heating solution that can run on conventional boilers or renewable heat sources
  • Aluminium panels have circulation pipes ‘moulded’ into the back
  • Warm water heats up the front face, radiating heat into the occupied space
  • Very controllable on & off with any number of flow control solutions available
  • Provides an ‘all around’ comfortable heating solution

The EasyClean system is a radiant panel, formed into a convenient skirting trim profile. Manufactured in 6000 grade extruded aluminium, the pipe water ways are formed into the back of the profile as an integral shape. When the central heating water is pumped through the EasyClean profile, the front face heats up to become a radiant panel – but at low level and typically all around the room. The flow of water is controlled by any number of solutions, including (but not limited to) 2 port valve, thermic head and valve, or on larger multiple zone installs; manifold & actuator or BMS.

In HealthCare applications, where a low surface temperature of < 43°C is required, the EasyClean profile can provided sufficient heat despite operating at lower temperatures due the greater surface area. Because heat is rising naturally from the floor level it does not suffer from the same asymmetric heating issues as an overhead radiant panel, which is trying to project the heat down from the ceiling.

The resultant heating pattern is therefore indistinguishable from under floor heating, except that it can respond, both on & off, in minutes creating a more comfortable and controllable environment for residents and carers. Controllability leads to better energy efficiencies as the heating is only on when required, and relief cooling such as air-con, electric fans or opening windows as a result over heating is no longer required.

The EasyClean LST system is suitable for the following applications:

  • HealthCare & NHS
  • Mental Health
  • Design for Life and Assisted Living
  • Nurseries and Pre-school
  • Secondary School
  • Educational Special Needs
  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care
  • Custodial & Security
  • Offices, shops and other public spaces

The EasyClean system comprises an aluminium profile in several sizes, and colours, through which warm water passes by way of 2 or more oval tubes moulded into the back. Despite being only 20mm deep, and thus extremely discreet and unobtrusive, the system is able to heat virtually any occupied space due to the sheer surface area created at low level when skirting the room out.

The system is available with a high security capping on the top that forms a fluid resistant seal to the wall, and a coved floor interface bottom mounting that enables the EasyClean system to integrate into vinyl flooring.

As a result, the EasyClean LST system is simply mopped free of infection when the floors are cleaned – using the same cleaning staff and equipment. This can save a busy care facility tens of thousands of pounds per annum in cleaning costs alone, and very often, 100’s of thousands of pounds if a hospital is properly adhering to AHCP (Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals) guidelines of once a week for LST radiators.

The security top capping not only provides a smooth and edge free surface in the event of a fall or a tumble, it also prevents the heating system from being tampered with as it cannot be removed without tools. It is naturally anti-ligature, and for highly secure applications such as custodial or dementia, or where self harm is a serious possibility, the top seal can be removed and replaced with anti-pick mastic.

The bottom mounting provides a curved coving interface to provide a water tight seal to the floor, enabling it to be even used in wet room applications.

Where vinyl flooring is not required, the EasyClean can be supplied with alternative mountings to still allow a high degree of safety and security, but provide a more domestic ‘feel’ in assisted living or extra care applications.


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