• Combines the skirting, painting & heating & in one, reducing man hours
  • Available pre-cut for plug ‘n’ play installation
  • GANTT Chart flexible; can be fitted to suit other trades
  • ON site support and on-site training
  • ISO 9001 Manufacture in the UK to EN Standards. CE Marked
  • Lifetime Technical Support
  • Reduces floor build up to optimise building height

We know what you’re probably thinking;

“Oh great; another hare-brained idea from the client. Some other nonsense they’ve found on the internet and we’ve got to somehow fit it.”

Don’t worry; we’re not offended. It’s something we’ve heard many times over the years.

M&E contractors often have the hardest job; making a reality of what someone’s drawn on ‘screen’ and another has drawn all over it with instructions of how to build it. And it’s your job to bring a million parts and a tens of thousands of man hours together, on time and on budget.

And now you have to fit something new. Something you’ve never heard of.

We understand your reluctance; it is after all your reputation and warranty that might be at risk. But this isn’t our 1st gig. DiscreteHeat have been successfully trading for over 12 years and have supplied over 60,000 systems to some of the biggest developers and projects in the UK, including the NHS.

We are, you might say, the best kept secret in plumbing & heating.

If you can fit radiators and skirting boards, you can certainly fit ThermaSkirt. If you can fit UFH you can certainly fit ThermaSkirt. And you will appreciate the speed and flexibility of when and where it can go in, probably more than the reassurance that even if something goes wrong; it’s dead easy to put right.

No more concerns about when the floors are screeded, the painters come in, the flooring goes down; it’s your call. It’s GANTT chart heaven.

No worries about damaged pipes, cracks in the screed, temporary heating. It’s a QS’s dream.

With a full on-site support and even a pre-cutting service it’s the Site Managers mug of tea.

If you have any lingering concerns, why not check out our installation videos or ask about our on-site or off-site training packages?

How Can We Help?

Our in-house design team are here to assist with planning.

Why not send over your plans in PDF, DXF, DWG or any other electronic format for a free, no obligation consultation and costing?

Case Studies

Change of use of Office Building to 30 Luxury Apartments

Making best use of the space when converting offices or commercial properties into residential living spaces, invariably presents a difficult challenge as window and pillars often interupt the useable floor space. This was exactly the situation Dephna properties found themselves in, when they decided to refurbish their own office block and convert it into residential apartments.

The Bridges by Adlington Homes

Heating in apartments is often challenging in that space is a premium commodity and the needs and wants of the client can vary enormously. This can be especially true in retirement apartments – properties specifically aimed at the over 55’s.
Why? Well many will have downsized from larger family homes but still want to keep important items of furniture and so useable floor space becomes very often a deciding factor. This is why traditional radiators are losing their appeal to developers like Gladman as they try to offer more living room in the same constructed envelope.

Modular Constructed 3 Bed Detached Houses

One solution to combat the housing shortage, is ‘off-site’ or modular construction. This is where, rather than build houses often in a muddy field, houses are manuafctured in clean, dry and well lit factories, effecttively on a production line. This has the advantage that the laborforce is located in one place, quality can be carefully monitored and controlled and assembly can potentially take place around the clock, at all times of the year. They are then sent to site on the back of an HGV as ‘modules’ which are then craned and assembled together to form a 2, 3, 4 bed house, or even a block of apartments. As a result a practically finished house can be assembled in a matter of days rather than weeks, espcecially if brick-slip cladding or other finishes are used.


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