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Procure 21+ - NHS Framework Agreement

The EasyClean LST radiant skirting heating system has been selected for the NHS Procure P21+ repeatable room program. This enables all projects within the P21+ framework to benefit from standardised design, specification and pricing, irrespective of the size and scale.

The aim is to drive costs down and patient results and experience up by standardising on components as part of the ‘repeatable room’ exercise. By reducing capital, maintenance and running costs, it ensures that the valuable resources of the NHS can go further, and that overall patient care and treatment can be improved.

DiscreteHeat is proud that its EasyClean heating system, designed and developed in cooperation with the NHS and several major care services providers, and manufactured in the UK, has been selected for such a prestigious and worthy initiative.

ProCure21+ Reducing the cost of construction through standardisation

ProCure21+ benefits
10 year warranty on wet parts, fixed price to October 2016, and savings of up to 40%

Recent Projects

Supplier Summary

The EasyClean radiant skirting heating system provides the heating in a robust and hygienically sealed skirting trim, designed to provide a cost-effective, highly safe, secure and simple-to-clean alternative to radiators, underfloor heating, and overhead radiant panels. The system is simple and cost-effective to install in both new-build and refurbishment projects as it is not embedded in the floor nor suspended from the ceiling, and takes up no useable wall space. Construction times and costs can be reduced as there are no periods when sections of a new build are inaccessible due to curing of screeds, etc.

It produces an even and comfortable heat indistinguishable from UFH, but is much more responsive and controllable, and provides no ingress points for liquids or detritus to accumulate, thus helping to combat the spread of infections such as C.Difficile and MRSA.

Issues such as overheating and underheating are eliminated, and there are no risks to staff of ‘tired leg’ syndrome, synonymous with standing on heated floors for many hours.

Cleaning is achieved in a matter of seconds with a simple wipe-down when mopping the floors – no deep clean teams, no special tools or equipment and no cordoning off areas. Being ‘above ground’, it is unaffected by the choice of floor construction and covering, and simple to amend or repair. The system is designed to be naturally anti-ligature, and has been fitted in areas where challenging behaviour and self-harm have to be considered as a considerable risk.

More than 1,000 rooms and apartments are scheduled to have EasyClean installed in 2017.

* For more details, please download NHS Standard Components Catalogue or visit StandardShare on ProCure21+ website

ThermaSkirt in NHS & Care Homes Hygienic heat, energy efficient, safe and secure

EasyClean – the Future of HealthCare Heating

HealthCare and Care Home

The new EasyClean LST (and EasyClean† for larger open spaces) has been developed in co-operation with the NHS Estates and Infection control departments, to provide a simple, safe, energy efficient and above all hygienic heating solution for the HealthCare market.

Unlike LST (low surface temperature) radiators, the EasyClean has no slots or grilles for harmful bacteria such as C. Difficile and MRSA to enter and incubate, and is simply wiped free of infection when mopping the floors. No cases or covers to remove, no special tools and keys, no deep clean teams.

Unlike UFH (under floor heating) the EasyClean is fast and responsive to changes in heating demand, ensuring maximum patient comfort and minimal running costs. Being ‘above ground’ the EasyClean is a simple retro-fit to existing systems, and will not lift floorings or develop an undetectable leak. In addition it will not cause the ‘tired leg’ syndrome experienced by hard working staff standing on heated floors all day.

Unlike overhead radiant panels, the EasyClean LST does not create the ‘hot head’ effect that can lead to discomfort and behavioural problems in vulnerable patients. In addition, as the EasyClean LST operates at low water flow temperatures, it is much more energy efficient and produces an all-around comfortable spread of heat, with no risk of scalding water leaking onto personnel or equipment.

The EasyClean LST system has already been installed on several major NHS projects, and specified on dozens more.

  • Sealed to walls and floors – nowhere for infectious bacteria to hide and incubate
  • True radiant heat – minimal drafts and air movement to spread infection
  • Simple mop down when cleaning – no deep cleans or special equipment
  • Fast and responsive – no under heating or over heating
  • Naturally anti-ligature – no exposed pipes, valves or fixings
  • All around heat distribution – maximum patient comfort
  • Low operating temperatures – inherently safe to the touch and excellent energy efficiency
  • Adaptable, versatile and maintainable – not buried in the concrete or fixed into the ceiling
  • Frees up wall space – creates a more spacious environment for the client and provider
  • Simple retro fit – can even use existing radiator pipework

Dr Barzo Faris

When Dr Barzo Faris, Infection Control Lead at NHS Trafford General MRI, approached DiscreteHeat, he had one aim – to reduce the spread of infections such as MRSA & C.Difficile in the hospital.

Dr Faris recognised that the ThermaSkirt system, despite being a product aimed at the residential market, had a number of advantages over traditional LST radiators commonly found in NHS facilities.

He had discovered that one of the last remaining and most difficult areas to prevent from spreading infections were the radiators and their LST covers. This was because radiators draw cold air up from the floor – where most of the bacteria can be found- and into and through the grilles and fins on the radiator, which then warms the air and sends it circulating up & around the room.

The natural detritus and dust that collects behind and between a radiators’ panels, is the ideal breeding ground for virulent organisms such as C.Diff and MRSA and the convection currents radiators rely on to distribute the heat, is the perfect delivery system for microbiological infections.

Dr Faris uncovered that in some instances, the LST radiator covers had not been removed for a deep clean for over 8 years! This was due to the necessity for a physically fit and well ‘armed’ deep clean team to remove the metal covers which required security tools, and inevitably blocked off the corridors or cordoned off parts of the ward. Even then, the double panel radiators were practically impossible to clean thoroughly between the panels without being completely removed, and dipped, or in some instances thrown away as being uneconomical to clean compared to replacing.

Dr Faris asked if DiscreteHeat could develop a more secure and hygienically sealed version, which could replace the existing LST radiators and the bulky covers. Additional measures such as impact and vandal resistant, and importantly anti-ligature were also high on the ‘wish list’.

After 12 months design and development, including several trial installs, the ‘EasyClean LST’ was launched.

Mental Health & Assisted Living

With more and more elderly and learning disabled persons requiring extra care, either in their own home or in dedicated centres of excellence, the EasyClean heating system is the ideal product to provide service users with a clean, comfortable and safe environment.

Available in a wide range of familiar profiles and colours the system can provide clients with a low maintenance, hygienic and energy efficient radiant heating solution that takes up no wall space and provides no risk of tripping or impact hazard.

Being ‘above ground’ the system is fast and responsive without overheating that can lead to distress and challenging behaviour.

The EasyClean system has recently been installed in the Iris Murdoch Dementia Services Development Centre in Stirling, and in the Better Bedrooms display in Warrington.

With a completely sealed floor and wall mounting, the EasyClean provides no ingress pathways for fluids and solids, and thus will not harbour bacteria that can create infection or odours. In addition, for medium or high secure units, the system is naturally anti-ligature and is available with a profile designed for anti-pick mastic.

Case Studies

HB Villages, Independent Living Apartments

Independent Living Apartments

HB Villages and Blackburn Council

EasyClean LST and Deco BM
NHS Queensway, Treatment Centre Refurbishment

NHS Queensway

Treatment Centre Refurbishment

NHS Tyne Tees, Failed underfloor heating retrofit

NHS Tyne Tees

Failed underfloor heating retrofit

NHS Trafford General, Paediatric Ward refurbishment

NHS Trafford General

Paediatric Ward refurbishment

Naiomi Ashton, Disabled Childs Bedroom

Naiomi Ashton

Disabled Childs Bedroom


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