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What Is This CPD About?

The Future Homes Standard due in 2025, SAP 10 and the UKs’ Clean Growth Strategy will require new homes to be provided with low carbon heating solutions as well as older properties and commercial spaces to be improved to meet Nett Zero CO2 targets by 2050.

Tough Gig.

At present, most occupied spaces are heated by radiators (wet or electric) and Underfloor heating (UFH) and whilst the technology of how they are powered has changed considerably in the last 20 years, (think of solar panels, heat pumps & wind turbines for example) the emitters that deliver the heat themselves have remained largely the same.

Wall hung radiators present challenges to Architects, Consultants and Developers as the pressure to maximise living space means that every mm2 has an appreciable value and giving it up to a metal panel seems an unconscionable decision.

Underfloor heating can create issues for Contactors, housing providers and occupants as time on site, overheating, suitable floor coverings, weight-loading and potential warranty issues can add considerable hidden oncosts.

Thermal Skirting provides an above ground, hidden heating solution with rapid response times (on & off) as well as combining 2 elements of the construction package in one (heating and skirting boards).

This CPD will explain the advantages and potential disadvantages of Thermal Skirting against radiators and underfloor heating, both ‘wet’ and electric for residential, healthcare, assisted living, student accommodation and some commercial applications in new build and retrofit projects.

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Case Studies

Off-Site Modular Construction

When Capita were instructed to provide the M&E design consultancy on the new build 595 bed student accommodation project of both traditional and modular construction, to be located on Kelvinhaugh Street, Glasgow, they started with a clean sheet of paper. When the proposed room layouts were produced by the Architects (KKA) it was clear that whilst the large floor to ceiling windows that provides a wealth of natural light and openings for fresh air were welcome, they presented a problem in so far as where the radiators would go.

Energy ‘Plus’ School, Rostock, Germany

When Rostock High School undertook a major regeneration, the local education Authority decided it should become an “Energie Plus” project; i.e. it generated more power and energy than it actually consumed. To achieve this, the school was renovated using solar PV panels to the roof and front elevation, and 2 wind turbines. The school also became connected to the Municipal District Heating system, using warm water from the cooling system of the nearby power station. Windows were upgraded and where there was new build to the rear, this was constructed to very high levels of insulation. However, with 2/3rd of the building at least 20 years old it was clear that a conventional heating emitter solution was not going to suffice.

Farmhouse - Ground source heat pump

If your family home is located in beautiful Cheshire Countryside and yet only a few hundred metres away from the family business, it’s difficult to find a better example of a Work / Life balance. Understandably then, the Bateson family of Bateson Trailers fame, decided that their Grandmothers’ home would be an ideal family home for Simon and his wife and two children. ‘Tired’ would have been an estate agents’ description of the house, as it had fallen into some disrepair and was reliant on oil heating.

The Bridges by Adlington Homes

Heating in apartments is often challenging in that space is a premium commodity and the needs and wants of the client can vary enormously. This can be especially true in retirement apartments – properties specifically aimed at the over 55’s.
Why? Well many will have downsized from larger family homes but still want to keep important items of furniture and so useable floor space becomes very often a deciding factor. This is why traditional radiators are losing their appeal to developers like Gladman as they try to offer more living room in the same constructed envelope.

Complex Care & Autism and Supported Living Units

Adults and young persons with Complex care and autism present a particular challenge, and need to be accomodated in comfortable, quiet and secure residential environments if they are to be properly looked after. Specialised Supported Housing (SSH) are dedicated to providing such quality acoomodation at an affordable cost to the local authority and service providers such as Lifeways and Inclusion Housing.

20 apartments for persons with physical and learning Disability

HB Villages is one of the UK’s most successful provider of assisted living apartments to local authorities and one of the most progressive in terms of adopting new techniques and technologies. HB Villages provide a custom built assisted living ‘centre’ allowing persons with both physical and learning disabilities to live in comfort and with dignity, with on-site 24 hour care and assistance if and as needed by the clients. This means that stretched council services can provide better care and management of people.


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