ThermaSkirt Design Software

* Use the free ThermaSkirt® Design Software to create plans of your rooms, then let it calculate the skirting you require.

What ThermaSkirt Designer (.tsd) enables:

  • Draw your room to scale in mm, including angled and curved walls
  • Allows you to add the windows, doors and obstructions
  • Uses Building Regulation insulation levels or your own custom U values
  • Calculates the heat loss of the room at various outside temperatures
  • ThermaSkirts the room in the profile of your choice
  • Estimates the heat output at varying flow temperatures (35~75ÂșC)
  • Calculates the temperature & pressure loss and flow rate for your design
  • Lets you chose where you have dummy MDF skirting
  • Adds all the components you need into your basket and saves the design
  • Gives you a bill of materials, a plan to work to and all the cutting lengths
  • Lets you chose between factory supplied cut lengths or DIY cut on site
  • Chose the colour and get an on-line price or quotation for your installer
ThermaSkirt Design Software

* Requirements for Designer Software

For the software to work, you will need:

Additional Downloads

Microsoft .NET Framework

If you do not have Microsoft .NET Framework installed on your computer you can download it now. It's pretty big (23MB) and could take over an hour on dial-up, or a few minutes on broadband. If you prefer download it directly from Microsoft website, you can do that. The download page is pretty scary, but just look for the button in the middle of the screen.

Download Microsoft .Net Framework


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