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Retail Showroom

As well as being energy efficient, ThermaSkirt is a desirable, lifestyle product, which adds value to the home. DiscreteHeat have an attractive package for retail outlets that specialise in the following up-market sectors;

Retail Showroom
Retail Showroom

Retail Showroom
Retail Showroom

  • Kitchen and bedrooms – ThermaSkirt frees up wall space for additional units by providing the heating along the plinths of fitted furniture
  • Wood Burning Stoves and Fires – Replacing the radiators with ThermaSkirt makes the stove the centrepiece of the room, yet provides the instant back up of heating on demand
  • Eco Centres – ThermaSkirt’s proven energy efficiency on both conventional and renewable energy sources, makes it an easy upgrade from oversize radiators and retrofit UFH
  • Lofts and Basements Conversions – Maximising the useable space in a home is the key in this sector and ThermaSkirt is ideal for making the best impression & use of the new room created

What DiscreteHeat can provide you:

  • Tailor Made POS Material using your company colours, themes and logo
  • ThermaSkirt Working displays
  • Defined areas of exclusivity
  • Referrals and leads of home-owners with on-going projects
  • On-line webspace and direct links to your website

To become one of the highly selected ThermaSkirt retailers, please Contact us now.


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