Reviews & Testimonials

Despite being a relatively new company, DiscreteHeat has already delivered energy and space saving solutions to literally thousands of satisfied customers. Whilst our products focus on delivering innovative, energy efficient heating solutions to projects and companies of all sizes, DiscreteHeat prides itself on providing excellent customer service to all our clients.

Here you can find some of the much appreciated remarks that our customers have said about DiscreteHeat and our products over the years.

  Mr & Mrs Carter

We installed the thermaskirt heating system during a complete renovation of our home 9 years ago. I found it easy to install with the clear instructions. We have been really pleased with how neat it looks and it has certainly provided enough warmth even for an open plan dining room/sunroom. I recently had to reinstall part of the system following further home improvements and Discrete Heat have been really helpful in providing the spares I needed to do this.

Mr & Mrs Carter - July 2018

  Jane and Jan

Just wanted to say that we’re over-the-moon with the Thermaskirt heating so far - it’s absolutely brilliant!!! Most importantly though it’s very effectively heating the house and looking very smart. Even our plumber, builder and electrician are impressed (and all were extremely sceptical). Karl was fantastic and we look forward to him coming back to complete the installation as and when you have availability in the New Year. We’ve decided to get the carpet fitted upstairs first as you recommended. All in all, the exceptionally long wait has been more than worthwhile - Discrete Heat (the customer service, the installation and the product) have been faultless. Mega thanks to you Lisa for all your help and exceptional patience.

Have a great Christmas,

Jane and Jan - December 2017

  Robert and Carole Nager

I would also like to add that both Carole and I were more than impressed with the great work Carl did. Carl is to be commended for doing a yeoman's job...a really outstanding effort on Carl's behalf. He is a tremendous asset to the company and should be recognised for his dedication and penchant for perfection. We are extremely grateful to Carl as well as you Kayleigh. You have been super to work with and we thank you for working with us. The system is fantastic and we are really happy with the results. Good luck to you, Carl and Discrete Heat.


Robert and Carole Nager - August 2017

  Drew Davison

I am pleased to write to you to say what a beneficial training experience we had with Carl over the last two days. Despite his long working days away from home he was prompt, polite, had boundless energy and enthusiasm for the product. His expertise and technical knowledge were most welcome as we had not used your Thermaskirt products before. Thanks to Carl, I trust we will have a successful install moving forward. He really is a credit to your firm.


Drew Davison East West Refurbishment Ltd - August 2017


I'd like to thank you for all of your help and the support given to me by all staff in your company.

Kind regards

Pat - April 2017


it was a really customer friendly company to deal with which is a rare and pleasant experience these days.
I would have no hesitation recommending you to anybody.

Thanks again & Best Wishes

Kevin - April 2017

     Kay Harley

Dear Discreteheat
I want to say a huge thank you and pass on some praise for your employees and the way they have sold, designed and delivered my project.
In terms of thermoskirt I am sure my project is very small, however, the customer service and help which has been provided by your team has been incredible The installation from Craig and Carl was very professional and I am now sitting in a warm lounge where the curtains are unencumbered by metalwork. Their explanations and advice were excellent. It looks great.

The person who has stood out through all my dealings with your company has been Harriet. She sold me on the idea-explaining the science in straightforward terms, she sorted all the calculations and gave me the facts to enable me to argue my corner with a heating engineer convinced only radiators would work. Her patience has been ineffable, particularly at the last minute when my heating engineers still did nt know what they were doing. She is an absolute credit to your business.

I will recommend you to anyone who asks and would be happy to provide further feedback or endorsement.

Kind regards

Kay Harley. - April 2017

     George D.

Thank you for organising everything for us
Dean did a great job and we are really pleased with the end result.

Best regards

George D. - April 2017

     Keith & Gill Ward

Just wanted to say how pleased we are with the recent Thermaskirt installation at our home in Rochford, Essex.

We would like to thank you for your help with our plans, the actual order and delivery which all went as planned.
Please pass on our thanks to the installers, Luke and Craig, they were a great team and very pleasant to deal with.
They knew what they were doing and worked hard to get the job completed for us.

The Thermaskirt system has more than met our expectations saving space and looking great.
However as the weather has been so warm we have not had to use it as yet – so “fingers crossed “ it will run as good as it looks.

Pass on our thanks to the rest of the team at Discrete Heat for us.

Best regards

Keith & Gill Ward - April 2017

     Christine Bentley

Getting thermaskirt is the best thing I have done for my house not only is this my only source of heating but I have been able to zone my home
currently my home I split into 8 zones and I do not have to think about heating at all with the help of Lisa I was able to make my decision on
using a manifold with wireless thermostats so I can control my home from my phone (who needs hive).
I have a top quality product at a more affordable price people that know me know how good this product is. The best bit is I do not have any cold
spots in the house so everyone can sit in comfort anywhere and not worry about the cold spots it also allows me to put my furniture where I like
without having to leave wall space for radiators.
Thermaskirt is better and cheaper to install than underfloor heating it is more convenient than radiators. I work in construction and I am always
telling others about thermaskirt heating and no one seems to believe me until I show them photos then I get all sorts of question which all the
answers are positive. I can only say good about this system and the staff are first rate and an absolutely a pleasure to deal with. Lisa feels like a
friend now I ring or email her and nothing seems to be too much trouble deliveries are always on time and the service from the full team is second to none .

Best thing I ever did

Christine Bentley - Martch 2017

     Katie Taylor

The guys did a great job – skirting was well fitted, looks great and works well.

Everything left clean, tidy and rubbish in manageable bags.

Efficient from start to finish.

thank you all.

Katie Taylor - Feb 2017

     Rob and Mel Halls

We are delighted with our Thermaskirt installation.
It gives us just the right amount of heat, spread well around each room.
It is very controllable and it's
great to avoid unsightly radiators which take up wall space.
The office and site teams have been great to work with and
nothing has been too much trouble for them.
Thank you very much to all concerned.

Best wishes

Rob and Mel Halls - February 2017


     Les Sharp

The lads (engineers) are an absolute credit and very polite.

They made the whole experience stress free and are a great bunch.


Les Sharp - Feb 2017

     A.Bashir , Birmingham (Electric Panel Heater replacement)

Thank you for thermal heating skirting board's they work
absolutely wonderful in our house, amazing service

from the discrete heating team and a big thank you
to Luke and Dean for doing a wonderful job fitting the
discrete heating.

Great service would recommend this company to anyone.


A.Bashir , Birmingham - Nov 2016


I just wanted to thank you guys, we are extremely pleased with the result. It's the first time in 6 years that we manage to

have 20 dry degrees in Ben's room and doesn't feel like going in a cave with wolves and bears.

Pat, our builder, said he was impressed too and he is very keen on recommending the system to his clients for new installations.

Thinking of Carl also, he definitely put a smile on my face with his accent and positive attitude.

let the team know that we are happy with the result and, in case you need it, I am totally happy to share the experience.

All the best

Mr. Thomas M. Alisi, PhD, London - Oct 2016

From start to finish we have been impressed by not just the product but also Carl as your representative and fitter.

It takes a lot to impress our builder who was on site for just under 6 months overall so we know how he only appreciates top quality workmen and materials. He is considering getting DH at his own home shortly and from just several meetings with Carl it was obvious that they had very similar professionalism and attention to deal with no issue a problem.

For each anomaly a solution was found and clear instructions witn understanding was provided for what we consider to be one of our few 'luxury' purchases. From start to finish other than a minor error on 'basket costing' which was quickly sorted out, absolutely faultless service.

Also a thank you to James Salem at Cheshire Designs who was able to show us the product on site prior to decision to go ahead. We are more than likely going to add a bedroom next year.

Anyone we speak to, you get a recommendation and hopefully a few orders and 1-2 M and S vouchers!

Finally we mentioned to Carl that when we are fully complete in our downstairs renovation, we will send a few photos and/or if you want to do a case study for your website, please feel free.

Dragons Den don't know what they missed out on....


Mr. Paul Rose, Altrincham - Aug 2016

Not sure if the show did it justice but everyone that's seen the place is blown away with your product.

We're loving that we can place our furniture anywhere in the rooms now and don't have bulky radiators sticking out everywhere.

Thank you for your professional service and support.

If we did it again, the first thing I'd do is get Discrere Heat throughout again.

Tina & Gareth, London - Jun 2016

Hello Lisa,

I would like to thank you & your team for all the help you gave me - it was greatly appreciated. Thermaskirt was installed more easily than anticipated, helped by your video & instructions. It works well & looks good!

The guy remodeling my kitchen was most impressed & will recommend it to his client.

Good luck - you deserve every success.

Bernard Nicholson, Surrey - Apr 2016

Hello Kayleigh,

Our sincere thanks to Carl and Rick for their “hard labour” put into a very full day’s work! Our confidence and reassurance was fully felt in their knowledge and ability.

Many thanks to you also, your help towards an early appointment along with your knowledge of understanding on technical issues was impressive.

Kindest Regards,

Pauline Holly, Dorset - Mar 2016

I self-fitted Thermaskirt to my flat about six or so years ago, and it's been brilliant!
It's the only heating I have ever needed and I've told countless people about it when they've wondered how I heat the place (I'm a pensioner and feel the cold so it's always set at 23 degrees!).

Barry C Brown, Paignton - Feb 2016

We just wanted to say a huge, huge thank you to you Lisa & Carl and everyone at Discrete Heat for all of your help and hard work with our new ThermaSkirt Heating System.

We couldn't be happier with it and although we had never heard about ThermaSkirt Heating before we decided to be guinea pigs and give it a shot as we didn't want radiators on the wall as they take us so much space and if you want nice looking / designer ones you pay an arm and a leg for them.

Well we were certainly not disappointed with our decision.

Carl who came to give us a day’s training on installing your heating system was absolutely fantastic just as you said and he managed to help us get 3 rooms done in 1 day so a lot more than we were expecting. We thought we would be on a win, win just to get one room done so to get 3 done was amazing.

We just have the finishing touches to do so the covers etc but we finally have heating and it's working a treat.

It is really strange for us having heating in the house after 3 years of nothing and thanks to Carl we only have 1-2 more days to get all of the heating in and running. He was fantastic and just couldn't have been more helpful.

He was such a nice guy as well and absolutely loves his job (don't know anyone else who says that. LOL). He couldn't sing your praises enough and said he always get all the praise on site but it's down to you guys in the office as you arrange and organise everything. He just goes to site and does the training but gets all the comments and feedback.

He was really great and we are so happy that we took your advice and booked him in for the day.

We found your system really straight forward and really nice to install but it was the little finishing touches we would have struggled with so it was great having Carl there to give us tips and show us how to do it all. It was definitely much quicker and easier having his help than if we tried to do it all on our own.

We now can't wait for Christmas as we will finally have a lovely warm house to celebrate it in.

Also Carl really helped us use every little inch of heating so there was no wastage as we literally bought enough skirting to do our whole house. We did have to laugh as Carl showed us a tiny literally probably an inch wide cut off and he apologised that he couldn't use it, it was too small. LOL. And that was left over from a 6m length so well impressive.

Just hope we can do the same when we finish installing the rest of the skirting ourselves.

We think now looking at how much there is left to do and how much skirting we have left that we may even have some skirting left over at the end and when we calculated it in the first place we were literally using every tiny little cut off.

We've sent a few photos for you of the heating installed in 2 of the rooms. We're leaving the protective black filming on until we are 100% finished but boy can you feel the heat coming through. We can't believe it's the same house.

We've had over 3 years of freezing cold and having to hide under a tonne of blankets to try and keep warm and the last few nights we haven't had to use any covers and that's heating in just 3 rooms of the house.

We can't imagine what it's going to be like when the whole house is done. We will probably be complaining it's too warm. LOL.

Well thank you again so very much for all of your help with this and we couldn't recommend you enough for your heating system, customer service, training and just overall experience.

It has been just amazing and we are so glad we decided to give your system a go.

Thank you again.

Kind regards,

Mark & Liz, Kent - Nov 2015

Dear Martin

I am writing to tell you how very pleased I am that I stumbled across your company whilst idly searching the Internet for information on radiators which might help solve a long running condensation issue.

We had had a positive pressure input ventilation system installed to help combat the condensation issue which was making the two cold outside walls in two of our bedrooms virtually unusable.

This had helped considerably in that it tackled the main cause of the problem but I was still wary of putting furniture against these walls for fear of mould again developing once the airflow to these outside walls was restricted. I was looking for a means of preventing the problem of mould developing below the dew point on these walls and had even consulted a plumber about running exposed pipe work along these walls just to get some heat at the base of the walls.

I was exploring the option of putting several very small radiators in series along the walls when I came across a reference to your product. I read everything I could find, including a number of forums and I noticed that you had yourself commented on one site, where your comments were a breath of fresh air.

I promptly contacted your company, and was immediately impressed with the helpfulness of the member of staff that I spoke to when I explained the issue that I was trying to solve. (I just wish I could remember the name of the man I spoke to). He gave me some ball park prices which encouraged me to take matters further.

My next contact with your company was with Lisa, who was extremely pleasant, courteous and well informed. Not to mention very patient with my lack of technical knowledge. She is definitely an asset to your company.

I thought that Lisa would be a hard act to follow, but then we met Carl Barrington when he and his assistant Dean came to our home to install the radiators. I really really cannot praise Carl highly enough. He was very professional, but also friendly, personable, courteous, efficient, considerate and absolutely nothing seemed too much trouble. My partner, who had initially been dubious about whether we should go ahead with the installation having had some very negative previous experiences with plumbers, was totally won over by Carl's honest and down to earth manner, as well as with his professionalism and the genuine care he took to do a decent job. We observed Carl explaining to Dean what he was doing and were also impressed with his training skills. Dean was also a great lad. With someone of Carl's calibre mentoring him he should go far.

Once again, thanks to all the staff we have encountered at your company and also to yourself, as you obviously know how to recruit, develop and motivate great staff!

Kindest regards,

Megan Irwin, Lincolnshire - Nov 2015

Hi Martin

Carl and Dean have just completed the installation of my heating system at 1A West Bay Road in North Berwick.

I would just like to let you know how outstanding both of them have been and they have really done a fantastic job. It is not often that you come across people these days who are willing to go that extra mile for you.

Unfortunately, last night when they tested the system, we managed to flood my neighbour downstairs due to a faulty pipe connection by my plumber. Carl and Dean were still in the house at the time and stayed on to help me locate the fault, switch off the supply and help pacify my neighbour. They were here until well after 9.00pm with no concern over time and only too willing to do everything they could to help me. Without them being here, I don't know what I would have done as I was at home on my own.

You are very lucky to have two such fine individuals working for your company - they are absolute stars. Please pass on my thanks to them for their outstanding help to me.

Kind regards,

Linda Stone, North Berwick - Oct 2015

I had my system installed around 7 years ago and it’s the best thing I have spent money on in my house. Many friends admire the system and I can only wonder why it’s not more widely installed...

Patrick A., Worcester - Oct 2015

Just wanted to e-mail you our grateful thanks for installing the skirting boards we're very happy with the end result; Carl has done a great job.

It's important to us to convey our appreciation to you all for your professionalism, the very high standard of your customer after care, and of course, the quality of your product, which is excellent.

Again very many thanks.

Ian Johnson, The Coach House, Colton - Sep 2015

Dear Martin

I just wanted to say many thanks to you and your team for the service and help you have all provided me with my ordering and ensuring my oversight was sorted rapidly and effortlessly. I feel you all went above and beyond and made me feel like a valued customer.

I have now finished the fitting in the living room your thermaskirt product and I truly believe it is the greatest invention since central heating itself. I really dislike radiators and this is the perfect solution.

I have now rented my flat and my tenant is also very impressed as she is not restricted by a radiator to where her furniture goes either in the bedroom or the living room, as your product is in both.

Again many thanks for everything you and your team did, it is much appreciated and I am certain that I will be back when I get to redo our new place.

Best wishes
Gareth Hulin, Bexhill-On-Sea - Aug 2015

Lifeways is one of the UK’s leading providers of support services for people with diverse and often complex needs in community settings. Our life changing approach is driven by personal progress. By enabling people to be active and happy in their communities we transform lives, one person at a time.

We currently have a New Build Development Programme which will realise 1400+ supported living apartments between now and August 2018. All are designed to a high specification, are located in the heart of the community, assist people with a range of needs to live independently and safely, fully supported by a dedicated, 24/7, on-site staff presence. The accommodation is purpose-built, contemporary and accessible. From the overall building design, to the design and layout of each individual home, the needs and requirements of the people we support drive each development.

This includes working in partnership with registered housing providers and developers, a development can be generic to accommodate different support needs in one building including profound, high complex support needs, whilst another can be specifically designed around a group of people, for example people requiring support for an acquired brain injury or autism. The additional needs required within a person’s living environment can range from widened doors, customised wet rooms/bathrooms and low level kitchen facilities to specialist lighting for people with autism. The design and layout of each development uses the latest in available functional technology, which “designs out” problems and issues and “designs in” functionality and practical solutions.

As a development team it is important to us to have innovative solutions. After being stuck for many years with traditional care sector heating methods (Low Surface Temperature Radiators and under floor heating). Though our partners we were introduced to ThermaSkirt. An energy efficient heating system with is discrete as it sits behind the skirting board in a room. You can’t see it so for us as a care provider it has added advantages – so what have they been?

1. More floor space to place furniture – no more radiators hugging the back of beds or sofas
2. Less clutter, especially important when working with people with some presentation of Autism or Challening Needs
3. Easier to keep clean
4. Cost comparable to traditional heating methods with easy installation by any of our development partner contractors
5. Less complex than underfloor in that in a 2-3 story apartment complex you do not have to install a blended or mixed system

I have been developing care facilities on a National Level for 15 years once and a while a new innovation comes to the build market which really makes a difference. ThermaSkirt is one. I would not hesitate in recommending this heating method throughout the care sector and can see the benefits of its application in Health and Social Care.

Mark Dyson
Group Head of New Build Development
Lifeways Group
- July 2015
Lifeways Group


Firstly may I say that dealing with your company has been an absolute pleasure from dealing with yourself over the phone and by email and your colleague who responded to my email late evening (after office hours) to assure me that what was promised did happen with the short lead time in which from order to delivery You gave Carl your fitter a very high standard to live up to with the quality of service that I had already received.

To my great approval, Carl gave the same level of service to which I had already received from you. Your Company is a credit to customer service.

The product is as good as I imagined and has done exactly what I wanted the thing that surprised me was how low I have had to turn the thermostat down and at the moment I have only install the skirting board in 2 rooms.

When I get chance it will be going in all the rooms it is space saving and with the low temperature of the thermostat will be good for money saving too.

I look forward to dealing with you in the future when I finish the house.

Best regards,

Mr Ben Bentley, Bournemouth - Apr 2015
(a very happy customer)

Dear Mr. Wadsworth,

I want to thank and compliment you and your company for the professional and excellent way in which you have handled a complaint I made about the quality of an installation at my home done by a third party.

Shortly after my complaint, I received a visit from Sam, your representative in Scotland. Within a few days he had arranged for your installer Carl to visit. Carl's work was excellent. As a result I would have no hesitation recommending DiscreteHeat.

Once again, thank you for your professionalism and please pass on my gratitude to Carl.

Cesidio Di Ciacca, Scotland - Oct 2014

Whilst we have thousands of successful self installs - not everyone follows the instructions and mistakes do happen. The good thing is that it's all easily fixable and we have a network of trained installers who can help if things go wrong. If you're not sure, ask our sales team for a competitive quotation for a design-supply & install package.

Martin Wadsworth,
Managing Director

Carl did a fantastic job in our living room, yesterday. Once we finish the final touches in the room we will send some photos to you; Gudrun and I are so happy with the look of product. I have to admit I was beginning to think it would not look as good as I had hoped, mostly due to rubbish plumbers who took too many sharp intakes and suggested I convert back to radiators!

Carl has restored my faith... His knowledge of the product and ability to fit everything with ease was great to watch and learn from.

Mr & Mrs Geraghty, Warwick - Jul 2014

Thermaskirt is an extremely neat product and compliments our conservatory with the golden oak finish, blending with the brickwork and floor tiles. The Cricket White finish which is installed in our lounge and serves the conservatory from an adjacent radiator, blends equally with our decor.

We would also like to thank you for recommending Terry Mcmurdie to carry out the installation. My wife and I were very impressed with his workmanship, attention to detail, neatness, tidiness and helpfulness. We would recommend him to anyone.

What a wonderful combination, your excellent product and Terry's workmanship - congratulations.

Brian and Suzanne Fitch - Aug 2013

Just a quick note to say that your installer was great and very thorough. Also I am very impressed with ThermaSkirt thus far.

Joe Stabbings, Platinum Plumbing Services - Aug 2013

Just thought I would drop you a line to say that the help you gave us in deciding whether ThermaSkirt was the product for our Lounge/Diner and if it was going to be enough to heat it before you sold it, was outstanding.

The ThermaSkirt has now been installed and it heats up a treat and looks fantastic. We have had lots of friends and customers who have called in to look at your product and are so impressed as they had never seen or heard of ThermaSkirt before.

Once again, thank you for everything.

Debbie Trodd, South Croydon, Surrey - May 2013

I want to let you know how pleased my wife and I are with the ThermaSkirt we had installed before last winter. The staff at DiscreteHeat were very accommodating in helping us identify just what we needed to order even though we only needed the ThermaSkirt to run along one wall of the hall and the sitting room.

The difference the ThermaSkirt has made over this last winter has been better than we hoped for and it really is discrete, most people don't even notice it!

I have no hesitation in recommending ThermaSkirt to people in the future.

Norman Ironside, Upton Lovell, Wiltshire - May 2013

I would like to thank all the staff at DiscreteHeat for the time you have taken to help and the advice you gave us. We had no problems with fitting the ThermaSkirt and were very pleased with the way it all went together. It is well engineered and well manufactured. Congratulations to both the designers at DiscreteHeat and the companies that manufacture the products.

We are now so satisfied with the lounge that we are going to do the dining room. Therefore you will be getting another order in a few weeks time.

P.S Why wasn’t ThermaSkirt available 25 years ago?

Mike Frost, Preston - Feb 2013

ThermaSkirt certainly does what is says on the tin and my wife and I are nothing short of chuffed with the heat that it kicks out. Every step of the way from the design phase, then delivery through to the after sales and technical support we have been so impressed with DiscreteHeat and would recommend ThermaSkirt to everybody.

Everyone at DiscreteHeat I have spoken to is friendly, very helpful and has filled me with confidence in the product and process from start to finish.

We are very happy, Thank you.

Mick Eley, Helston, Cornwall - Nov 2012

Many thanks for the superior customer service please keep this up. I'm promoting ThermaSkirt to all my friends and the way that this issue was dealt with just exceeds my expectations.

Please keep this up and I have always found all the DiscreteHeat staff so helpful.

Life is full of problems it's how you solve it that counts.

Paul Eden, Cranleig, Surrey - Aug 2012

ThermaSkirt is heating the house on the air source (heat pump) only; even when it was -14°C outside the whole house stayed comfortably warm. Skirting board heating gives an even heat throughout the room, has the ability to react as quickly as radiators, and does not act as a storage heater like under floor. It also allows us to put furniture anywhere we like, and we can have floor length curtains without the risk of pumping heat out of the windows. To me it is a "no-brainer" to fit skirting heating and I certainly would never use anything else.

David Reynolds, Peterborough - Aug 2012

How anyone could go down the expensive and time consuming avenue of underfloor heating when faced with a choice of DiscreteHeat’s innovative skirting board radiators is beyond me, for the price of a couple of designer radiators I have a sleek, unobtrusive and superb heating system in my hall and large extension. It works superbly, looks fantastic, heats the room brilliantly with no cold spots, and is cheap to run, ThermaSkirt is win win win!

Alan Littlehales, Wolverhampton - Oct 2011

My wife & I purchased a "tired" 70's bungalow in 2007, which we decided to renovate to a high energy efficient standard. A local advertisement by DiscreteHeat brought us into contact with a remarkable heating system that uses the skirting boards as the radiators. We chose ThermaSkirt instead of underfloor heating because of the speed with which it works. It does not have to heat layers of floor covering first. Add the ability to run the boiler at lower temperatures convinced us our decision to use ThermaSkirt was a good one. The installation set up by DiscreteHeat was also excellent.

Mr. Barker, Yeovil - May 2011

We chose ThermaSkirt for our house because it was so stylish, unobtrusive and works perfectly with our ground source heat pump. It heats every room to a nice comfortable temperature and the customer service from DiscreteHeat was absolutely first class!

Tim and Zoe Bawtree, Channel 4’s Grand Designs – The Cheltenham House - Sep 2007

We bought a 30's standard build house to which we added a lower ground extension. After research we came across DiscreteHeat who seemed to provide an excellent solution. We fitted out the main bedrooms and study with the ThermaSkirt and the installation was relatively easy and within the capabilities of a skilled amateur to fit. All in all ThermaSkirt is a very efficient form of heating and produced a very satisfactory result.

Richard Chan & Isabelle Penao, Channel 4's Property Ladder - North Lodge - Jul 2007

We considered electric underfloor (heating) for our new conservatory, but couldn't get a guarantee as to how well it would work. DiscreteHeat told us what ThermaSkirt would do and how and a friend of ours fitted it. We've used our conservatory virtually every day since October and it's been fantastic!

Mr. & Mrs. James, Knutsford - Jul 2007

I have found ThermaSkirt to have exceeded my expectations. New products often take a long time to bed in, but in this case it's worked from the moment we turned it on. DiscreteHeat’s technical backup has been excellent, whenever we have had a question to ask.

Mr. Rob Bagley, Newport, Gwent - Mar 2007

I think ThermaSkirt is a great system, lovely even heat throughout our rooms and the extra space without my old radiators is unbelievable.

Keenat Redmond, Firhouse - Jan 2007

ThermaSkirt installed quickly and looks great; we have much more useable space in the room now that we have removed the radiators and their covers. The skirting board heats up quickly and does a good job warming the room.

Mr. Weissman - Jan 2007


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