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ThermaSkirt is increasingly being specified in renovation projects for Local Authority Housing Associations and other social housing providers. The latest 'convert' is St Vincent’s Housing Association in Manchester.

St Vincent's have installed ThermaSkirt – a radiant panel cunningly disguised as a replacement skirting board - into their Eco Showhome in Farnworth, near Bolton, in Greater Manchester.

The advantages of using ThermaSkirt to St Vincent's are;

  • Improved energy efficiency on gas condensing boilers.
  • 'Future proofing' as the house is ready and able to accept renewables such as heat pumps with no further modification.
  • Helps alleviate fuel poverty.
  • Minimal disturbance to the property.
  • No need to 'de-camp' occupants during renovation as with under-floor.
  • Increased living space even when internal insulation is used.
  • Reduced incidence of injury claims as a result of radiator impacts or falls.
  • Suitability with any floor finish or construction.
  • New skirting boards for 'free'.
  • Eliminates complaints about 'low radiator temperature' when used with renewables.
Housing Association & Residential Social Landlords

The advantages of using ThermaSkirt to the tenant are;

  • Reduced energy bills.
  • Improved comfort and control.
  • More living space and freedom of room layout.
  • Hygienic healthy heat – little air movement to spread dust and infections.
Housing Association & Residential Social Landlords

St Vincent's People & Housing

The property is open 5 days a week to show other Housing Associations in the AGMA Group (Associations of Greater Manchester Authorities) and local tenants, but is also available for other interested parties to view via Discrete Heat or St Vincent’s sustainability Manager, Patrick McKendry.

"At St Vincent’s, we are fully retro fitting properties with the very latest sustainable and energy efficient products. After investigating ThermaSkirt we thought it would lend itself perfectly to what we are trying to do. Upon fitting an air source heat pump, we found that ThermaSkirt worked well, both in terms of improved performance and energy efficiency and thus potentially easing fuel poverty and reducing CO2 emissions.

ThermaSkirt carried out the installation with military precision; they kept us informed throughout the install and once complete, the system at first glance looks like any new well-fitted painted skirting but has the added benefit of effectively heating the rooms efficiently and economically."

Patrick McKendry
Sustainability Manager, St Vincents Housing Association


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