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Conservatory, Sunrooms & Orangeries

1. Sun Fold doors & Threshold - ThermSkirt Regency OG & Deco PR Threshold Combined

2. Conservatory - ThermaSkirt Urban LT Golden Oak

3. Sun Room - ThermaSkirt Regency OG Cricket White

4. Conservatory - ThermaSkirt Urban LT Cricket White

5. Garden Room - ThermaSkirt Regency Og Cricket White

6. ThermaSkirt Regency OG & Deco PR threshold heating in Cricket White

7. Sunroom - ThermaSkirt Urban LT Cricket White

1. Mr. Robert Hanlon

2. Mr. Mike Lever

3. Mr. Derek James

We considered electric underfoor (heating) for our new conservatory, but couldn't get a guarantee as to how well it work. ThermaSkirt ® told us what it would do and how, and a friend of ours fitted it. We've used our conservatory virtually every day since October, and it's been fantastic!

Mr. & Mrs. James

4. Mr. Rob Bagley

I have found ThermaSkirt ® to have exceeded my expectations. New products often take a long time to bed in, but in this case it's worked from the moment we turned it on. Technical backup has been excellent, whenever we have had a question to ask.

Rob Bagley
Newport, Gwent


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