How does ThermaSkirt-e save energy? 

Energy Saving's in a Nutshell:

ThermaSkirt can help reduce your energy consumption, and thus your carbon footprint, in several ways:

  • Radiant heaters at low level have proven to be more efficient than convectors such as radiators
  • 360° heat creates a more comfortable level of heat meaning you can reduce running temperatures
  • Rapid room heating – only need to be on when required and can be quickly turned off when not
  • As its above ground all the heat goes into the room rather than being lost into the floor slab
  • Unaffected by the final floor finish, maximising performance
  • All-around radiant heat - no convection currents which create a poor distribution of heat
  • Highly controllable - programmed to suit your heating needs
  • Can be used in conjunction with renewables such as solar PV to further reduce running costs
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As the heat is coming from all angles running temperatures can be reduced As the heat is coming from all angles running temperatures can be reduced

Controllability = Improved Energy Efficiency

ThermaSkirt-e can save energy in various ways but the best way to maximise the efficiency and performance of your heating system is to programme it to suit your lifestyle.

ThermaSkirt-e can be pre-programmed at different temperature settings to suit the time of day (six time zones can be set per day) so you only use it when required.

As it all above ground (unlike electric underfloor heating), all the heat generated is instantly transferred into the room, often heating a room to a comfortable temperature within 10-20 minutes.

ThermaSkirt-e is also unaffected by the type of floor construction and finish; working equally well with, laminate, wood, carpet and tiles.

It’s for these reasons that you can expect the lowest operating costs of any direct electric heating system from using ThermaSkirt-e.


Control Features...

The TherMiser 3E touchscreen control has a built in air sensor which turns the heating on when the air temperature falls below the pre-set temperature.

A probe which can limit the surface temperature of the skirting is also supplied with the thermostat for applications where low surface temperature heating is required (such as in hospitals, schools and care homes).

Some of the main features of the TherMiser 3E control include:

  • Supplied with a pre-programmed 24 hour, 7 day programme which can be adjusted to suit
  • Numerous sensor modes (air sensor, probe or both)
  • Allows you to set up to six time zones per day (all at different temperatures if required)
  • Super slim thermostat protrudes just 14mm from the wall
  • Simple to use touch-screen display
  • For more details on the TherMiser 3E controls please click here...
TherMiser Display


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