How does ThermaSkirt-e compare to other Electric Heating Systems?

Compared to Underfloor Heating (UFH)...

ThermaSkirt-e is a very practical and cost effective alternative to electric UFH, especially in renovation and re‐fit projects. Consider the systems unique advantages:

  • Works with any floor construction or finish‐ timber, concrete, laminate, wood, vinyl or carpet
  • No disturbance to your floors meaning new floor coverings won’t be required
  • Floor heights don’t need to be raised meaning no changes to architraves and doors
  • Easy to fix and amend in the event of a problem
  • Rapid response times resulting in total control and comfort
  • Doesn’t overheat or fail when rugs, mats or any other insulators are left covering it
  • As its all above ground you don’t have to worry about losing heat into floor voids
  • Provides you with brand new, superbly finished skirting boards for ‘free’!
ThermaSkirt-e is much easier to install than the complex UFH ThermaSkirt-e is much easier to install than the complex UFH

Compared to Electric Storage & Panel Heaters...

As well as its obvious space saving benefits, ThermaSkirt-e also holds a number of other advantages over electric storage & panel heaters:

  • Eliminates bulky radiators from your walls to create more useable space
  • Low level heating creates a more comfortable level of warmth - very similar to underfloor heating
  • Radiant heating from low level has been proven to be more efficient than convectors like radiators
  • Rapid response both on & off allows just enough energy to be used and only when its required
  • Produces clean, hygienic heat due to the lack of grilles and fins which usually trap dust
  • No trip or fall hazards such as sharp edges or exposed pipes (sticks out just 20mm from the wall)
  • Eliminates the possibility of accidental damage or misuse of the heating system
  • Easy to use programmable controls allow you to maximise efficiency
Storage Heaters rely on convection which can create dust marks Storage Heaters rely on convection which can create dust marks

How much does it cost to run ThermaSkirt-e?

Any direct electric heating is a more expensive form of heating when compared to gas and even oil wet central heating. It is however the most convenient, controllable and easiest to install.

If you are offsetting your electricity consumption by using renewables such as solar PV panels and the Feed in Tariff (FiTs), then the cost will be significantly reduced.

A typical running cost for any electrical heating system is around 15~16penceper kilowatt hour (kWh). If you have your heating on for 8 hours a day, this will cost you around £1.20 per day per kW. An average 3 bed house will require approximately 3kW per hour and so the daily cost will be around £3.60

‘Time of Use’ tariffs were introduced to reduce the cost per kWh at certain times during the day (typically around 10p per kWh at night) and storage heaters were designed to take advantage of this, but in reality the savings are very low as inevitably some of the stored heat will leak out during the day. There are also times when it may not be needed in which case it is effectively lost.

The ability to control and turn the heating on & off at will with ThermaSkirt-e is just as effective as using storage heaters, as you only use as much heat as you require and at times when you need it.

If you already have a ‘wet’ central heating system with boiler and radiators, we recommend you look at our water based ThermaSkirt system as this is the most cost effective way of improving your home and reducing your running costs.


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