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Skirting board heating offers many benefits

Controlling hospital infections such as salmonella and E.coli must be a priority, say experts.

Skirting Board Heating, Added Benefits

When Mark decided to go ahead with his ThermaSkirt installation, it was a bit of a step into the unknown. Low and behold, he was left pleasantly surprised at the sheer amount of added benefits it had to offer. The stylish ThermaSkirt skirting board was barely distinguishable from regular wooden skirting, but it hid a secret. The skirting is made of aluminium and has two oval channels in the back. These channels are a flow and return to the central heating system, so the ThermaSkirt delivers the heat to the room in an efficient and unobtrusive way.

Mark was thrilled with the look of the skirting and found that the ThermaSkirt offered several other advantages too. ThermaSkirt comes in a choice of patterns to suit the style and period of any home - Regency, Deco, Lambs Tongue and Torus. ThermaSkirt also comes in a variety of colours and wood effect finishes. There is even a model that comes ready to be painted by the client, so whatever your colour scheme or style, ThermaSkirt is going to fit in perfectly.

Mark says,

"One of the really neat and well thought out features of ThermaSkirt is the detachable panel. The bottom panel along the length of the skirting can be easily snapped off to reveal a channel where power cables, speaker cables and aerial cables can be run. The panel then easily snaps back into position and nobody is any the wiser. It's a great feature, says Mark, I like to hide cables, but it's not always easy to plan the cable routes in advance. I often decide to change the room layout and then everything is in the wrong place. With ThermaSkirt you have a hidden channel all the way around the room, so if you change your mind you can access the cables and re-route them. I thought I was just getting an efficient and simple heating system, but the advantages just keep on coming", Mark adds.

Any heating engineer can install the ThermaSkirt as it's nice and simple, but it also scores highly over radiators because it is so easy to keep clean. "It may seem a small point, but my Mother suffers from asthma. Try as you might, it's impossible to clean behind radiators where dust collects. There is no such issue with ThermaSkirt skirting heating. Wipe it down and it’s clean." In fact the hygiene angle has made ThermaSkirt the number one choice in several hospitals, where cleanliness is crucial.

Yell.com - 12th June 2011


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