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An Eco Revolution in Room Heating

An eco revolution in room heating

As a renewable energy company, SwanSolar are always looking for new and innovative products which can be used to benefit both your pocket and the environment. They have recently added a new range of products to their portfolio - ThermaSkirt - an energy efficient room heating device which has space, energy and cost saving potential and contributes to reducing your carbon footprint.

Following a request from a client who wanted a new eco heating system to replace their existing electrical wall heaters and electric domestic hot water heater, SwanSolar designed a system to suit both their needs and their finances. The obvious solution for the hot water heating was a solar thermal system as there is no cheaper or cleaner way to heat domestic hot water. As the client’s property had been recently renovated, they wanted disruption kept to a minimum; subsequently ruling out under floor heating straight away.

SwanSolar then looked into other options and found 'ThermaSkirt', which was demonstrated on the BBC’S Dragons' Den by DiscreteHeat Managing Director Martin Wadsworth. (The episodes from Dragons' Den featuring Martin Wadsworth can be viewed on YouTube via our website at this link. Martin also appeared later on in a special edition of the show "Dragons Den on Tour")

Michael Swan travelled to Atherton, near Manchester and spent the day with Martin Wadsworth at his business premises where he demonstrated the products and explained in greater depth how the ThermaSkirt system works. Michael was really impressed with the product range and SwanSolar agreed to become the main ThermaSkirt distributor and installer in South West France.

ThermaSkirt is a high tech alloy polymer extrusion that replaces skirting boards and radiators in one. This distributes the heat quickly and evenly all around the room at low level. You do not get drafts or hot spots created by the convection that radiators need to heat the room.

ThermaSkirt can start to heat a room from cold to comfortable in 20 minutes where as under floor heating could take up to nine hours. Due to these rapid, controllable response times, you can use just enough energy when you need it. In addition, it frees up your wall space to maximise your usable living area. ThermaSkirt will work with existing conventional boilers such as gas and oil. It can also be powered by renewable sources such as solar thermal, wood gasification boilers, wood boiler stoves, air and ground source heat pumps.

It has been installed in over 6,500 homes in the UK and has now been installed in several NHS hospitals. It has also featured on Grand Designs and is used by interior designer Linda Barker.

SwanSolar can install ThermaSkirt, but it can also be fitted by any plumber, builder or confident DIY enthusiast. SwanSolar will soon have ThermaSkirt installed at their demonstration site in Alles-sur-Dordogne, alongside solar thermal domestic hot water and pool heating, gasification wood boilers and a wood boiler stove.

ThermaSkirt is available in different profiles which complement any type of property whether modern or traditional with a large range of colours and finishes.

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