This Residential School Stopped Radiator Damage for Good

Description: Residential Accommodation Block for Children with special Needs

ThermaSkirt Profile: EasyClean 2 & 3

Client: Priors Court Foundation


Priors Court caters for children with a wide range of challenging conditions

Priors Court Foundation is a registered non profit making organsiation that provides education and accomodation to children and young adults with severe and complex autism. The Charity is a recognised world leader in the care and education of persons living with the condition and has pioneered many strategies and tecniques that have been adopted worldwide.

Based near Thatcham in Berkshire, the School is made up of a diverse mix of buildings old and new set in 50 acres including several care and accomodation blocks either being built or undergoing significant redevelopment.

The Challenge

The Henley Project is the conversion of a 1970’s bungalow to provide accomodation and specialist education facilities for severely autistic children with especially challenging behaviour.Keith Cox, Capital Projects Manager explains further

“At Priors Court, we have to cater for children with a very wide range of challenging conditions, and still provide them with a safe and and comfortable learning environment.

When we were redeveloping the Henley Site, I didn’t want LST radiators and covers as we have had a large number of them damaged over and over again. Underfloor wasn’t an option as its an existing building with wooden floors, so I googled 'Radiator Alternative'."


ThermaSkirt is unaffected by the final choice of floor covering and is simple to install, adapt and maintain

The Solution

Keith came across DiscreteHeat and their recently introduced EasyClean radiant skirting heating solution. The EasyClean provides a warm water radiant panel in an easy to clean alluminium skirting trim that can be connected onto a conventional central heating system or even a renewable energy source such as a ground or air source heat pump.

The EasyClean system has been developed in cooperation with the NHS and several major care home and assisted living providers as a more hygienic, safe and secure alternative to radiators and a more responsive and controllable alternative to underfloor heating.

By being ‘above ground’ the systems performance is unaffected by the final choice of floor covering, and is simple to install, adapt and maintain. More importantly EasyClean responds quickly to the sudden and unpredictable heating demands found in the UK due to it’s varied climate. This is especially important for persons either living with dementia or in need of constant care, as overheating, which is a major problem in smaller rooms heated by UFH, is a recognised trigger of violent or challenging beahviour.

Keith explains further;

“The needs of our children are particularly acute, and DiscreteHeat were quick to adapt and update the product to meet our specific requirements. This included high security fixings and cover plates, designed to withstand the harshest abuse”.

The Result

The Henley Building has been occupied for several months now, and the heating is working well. Controlled by underfloor heating type manifolds inthe loft space, the system uses discreet temperature sensors to quickly control the environment in each room.

Keith concluded;

“Whilst we have had to make a few minor alterations to the building in repsonse to some unforseen issues caused by the children, we have had no issues with the EasyClean heating system. We will certainly be using it on similar projects in the future.”

The Easyclean system has now been specified on several major health care and assisted living projects as well being the preffered heating source of the NHS under their Procure P21+ Standard components program. The high integrity version as used at Priors Court is currently undergoing tests at Rampton High security hospital.


ThermaSkirt is securely fixed to the wall and has no grilles or fins to trap dust


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