Replacing a Failed Underfloor Heating System

Here at DiscreteHeat, we supply at least an order a week as a replacement for a failed underfloor heating system. Whilst it would be unfair to claim that any more than a small percentage of UFH systems fail, there is no denying the distress, upheaval, cost and disturbance they cause when they do.

Savings in Maintenance Costs

The heated skirting board system, ThermaSkirt, is seeing wide spread success across education, residential and healthcare sectors as an alternative form of heating to conventional radiators and underfloor heating. The compact nature of skirting boards allow wall space to be freed up that would otherwise have been used for radiators, while it is easily installed in new builds or as retro-fit in refurbishments.

LST Radiators – Time for a clean slate?

When it comes to fighting Hospital Acquired Infection (HAIs) the general consensus is that cleanliness and good housekeeping plays a major role. Guidelines published by the Department of Health Estates Department are clear and unequivocal in the role that cleaning plays in keeping at bay highly infectious microbiological infections such as Clostridium difficile (C.Diff) and meticillin-resistant staphylococcus aureusis (MRSA).

The benefits of Aluminium Radiators

As aluminium is the most abundant metal in Earth, it’s a wonder that it’s not used for everything, but surprisingly, steel is still the most common material for radiators – in the UK. The reason for this is that steel has typically been a much cheaper material to produce than aluminium, which whilst more abundant, requires more energy and effort to extract from the bauxite it’s deposited in. It wasn’t always steel – in the mid 1800’s cast iron radiators (patented in 1861 by Messer’s Briggs & Nason) were the d’rigeur in Victorian Britain and the original design has been much copied ever since. The cast iron ‘school radiators’ are still fashionable in renovated period properties.

Who the hell wants skirting board covers?

Why would anyone want skirting board covers, plastic or metal rather than traditional wooden or MDF skirting boards? The answer is usually cost and ease of installation; but now there is a new and innovative reason: heating. Yes, it is now possible to buy skirting board covers that are also the central heating radiators for your home.

Things to bear in mind when buying new Skirting Boards

When you are building from new, or renovating and improving your home, one of the items that is often over looked or not budgeted for is new skirting boards. Any new home or substantial improvement project would be incomplete without a nice, clean set of suitable skirting boards to compliment the freshly plastered and painted walls.

Plinth Heating

Heating rooms with fitted kitchens or furniture can be problematic as there is usually little wall space for radiators, and if the units are already fitted, removing them and ripping the floors up for under floor heating is an expensive nightmare.

Keeping your conservatory cosy

Conservatories are a wonderful and inviting part of any house. Their open atmosphere and naturally illuminated interiors beckon guests in with a warm ambience and relaxing feel. A great conservatory is elegant and fits naturally with the rest of the home. Usually this means matching the lines and design of the conservatory to the rest of the property and outfitting it with gorgeous conservatory furniture.

ThermaSkirt: An alternative to radiators and underfloor heating

Four years ago the idea of skirting board heating was laughable. Even the Dragon’s Den businessmen dismissed Martin Wadsworth’s idea of radiators within aluminium skirting boards. Duncan Bannatyne asked why the boards couldn’t be made from wood and all of the dragons refused to help him get his business off the ground financially.

ThermaSkirt wins award in Australia!

ThermaSkirt has just been officially launched in Australia and we are proud to announce that it has already won its first Australian award! ThermaSkirt Australia officially launched ThermaSkirt to the Australian public at the HIA Perth Home Show on 28th February 2014.


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