How does ThermaTwin work?

ThermaTwin in a nutshell:

  • ThermaTwin is a flat plate solar collector that provides domestic hot water
  • It absorbs the UV rays of the sun (even on cloudy days) and heats the water tubes within the panel
  • The water tubes are flexible, and therefore ‘freeze tolerant’ – meaning no damage is caused should the panel freeze overnight
  • As a result the domestic hot water direct from the existing tank can be used and no anti-freeze is required, simplifying the installation of a ThermaTwin system as opposed to traditional Solar Thermal
  • Performance is enhanced as pure water absorbs more energy than a water/anti-freeze mix
  • An on-board solar photo-voltaic (PV) panel provides sufficient energy to power the controls and the pump – making ThermaTwin completely off-grid and free to run
  • The elimination of complicated controls, anti-freeze, drain back and mains operated pumps & valves make ThermaTwin extremely reliable
  • The panel is lightweight and is usually installed in less than a day
  • ThermaTwin is robust and is vandal, hail and football resistant


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