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Alternative to UFH

Works with any floor construction and finish

NHS & Care Homes

ThermaSkirt is rapidly being adopted in the NHS

Easy to install

ThermaSkirt is a competent DIY fit & easy to install

Solar Thermal Panel

ThermaTwin panel generating 1,000 kw/h p/y

AquAttic System

'Free' harvesting of rainwater

Not all skirting heaters are heated skirting boards...

ThermaSkirt® is a unique alternative to radiators and underfloor heating. ThermaSkirt is an aluminium radiant panel, designed to replicate a traditional timber skirting and can be fitted all around the room due to its patented joints and corner connectors.

The heating pipes are ‘moulded’ into the back of the ThermaSkirt, so the water from the central heating system, heats up the front face, and the ThermaSkirt radiates heat into the room.

ThermaSkirt® can replace your existing radiators in one room, or the whole house if you wish. It can work with traditional boilers, but also with renewable such as heat pumps due to its greater surface area and all around heat distribution compared to a standard radiator.

The comfort and feel of a room installed with ThermaSkirt is practically indistinguishable from under floor heating, but without the slow warm up times, disturbing your floor or limiting your choice of floor covering.

Available in a range of sizes, colours and finishes, it is the Skirting Board that Heats your home.

Clean, hygienic heat, maintenance free and no dust marks

ThermaSkirt Skirting Heating

Many products claim to be 'heated skirting' (or baseboard heating) but they are in fact convector radiators designed to be installed at skirting (baseboard) level.

Consider ThermaSkirt’s unique (& often patented) features:

  • RHI READY – Only ThermaSkirt allows the simple, discrete and energy efficient installation of renewables into existing and new properties. See Renewable Heat Incentive
  • 20mm (3/4") profile – the slimmest product available, and consistent with existing skirting and door architrave mouldings.
  • Choice of colours and finishes – ThermaSkirt is available in 4 different profiles (and more on the way!) in a variety of painted and oak finishes.
  • Energy efficient – Only ThermaSkirt has been independently tested against radiators & proven to be more energy efficient. (BSRIA test No 51397/1)
  • True radiant healthy heat like UFH – ThermaSkirt has absolutely no slots, grilles or fins that get clogged and move dust and spores around by air convection.
  • Works with any floor construction or finish – why smother your UFH heating system with timber floors or carpet?
  • Rapid, controllable response times – ThermaSkirt heats the room in minutes and can be closely controlled on & off, reducing your fuel bills.
  • Simple, speedy DIY install – no soldering, crimping or drilling with ThermaSkirt’s patented push-fit connectors.
  • Low & high temperature performance – ThermaSkirt is suitable for heat pumps, solar thermal and conventional boiler systems.
  • Up to 6m (20’) walls in a single length (and end-to-end connectors for walls > 6m) - minimum joints and connections for aesthetic perfection.
  • 10 year warranty (Typically 5 x that of radiators) – Limited liability warranty on wet parts and connectors.
  • Removable bottom covers (LT, TS & OG) – hide your computer, audio & TV cables away.
  • Removable top gasket – simple painting & re-decorating without masking off or ‘cutting in’.
  • Nationwide availability & fitting – ThermaSkirt is available at over 200 outlets and has over 35 registered installers.
  • Over 13,000 ThermaSkirt systems installed throughout the UK – more than any other similar product currently available.
  • Neat & Discrete controls – only ThermaSkirt has the skirting on-board TRV valves (TRV-free manifold remote control option available).
  • Silent operation – single piece extrusion and colour moulded covers ensure no ticks, clicks or bumps in the night!
  • Increase the value of your property – Did you know that ‘radiator free’ houses command a 10~15% premium over conventionally heated dwellings? (Source: McCaan Erikson, 2001)
  • Retrofit with minimal disruption – ThermaSkirt connects easily onto existing pipework for renovation projects (radiator replacement kits available).

EasyClean LST - Hygienic Heat, Controllable Comfort, Safe & Secure

The EasyClean LST range of products have been designed in cooperation with the NHS and major Assisted Living providers as an alternative to traditional LST radiators and covers, overhead radiant panels and under floor heating.

Being a completely sealed radiant skirting trim, it is simple to fit and above all easy to clean in service – usually by the regular cleaning staff when cleaning the floors. This eliminates the need for any deep clean teams, and any necessary corridor and room obstructions, when LST radiator covers are removed for service.

Being naturally low surface temperature, but with a rapid response time on & off, it is a perfect alternative to under floor heating in bedroom and living space environments. No overheating or underheating, and no complaints from staff of tired legs and feet, from standing on heated floors all day.

Being ‘above ground’ but not overhead, it is simple to install or retrofit, and provides the perfect heating pattern for those who might find ceiling heating uncomfortable and behaviour changing.

The EasyClean system has been designed to be robust and reliable, and with a number of patented features to protect persons who might self-harm, or have challenging behaviour that could lead to damage to other fixtures and fittings.

EasyClean LST - Clean & hygienic heat

ThermaSkirt EasyClean Heating

The EasyClean system comprises an aluminium profile in several sizes, and colours, through which warm water passes by way of 2 or more oval tubes moulded into the back. Despite being only 20mm deep, and thus extremely discreet and unobtrusive, the system is able to heat virtually any occupied space due to the sheer surface area created at low level when skirting the room out.

Consider EasyClean's unique benefits:

  • Designed & Developed in cooperation with the NHS – Now part of Procure 21+ program
  • Featured in Design in Mental Health Network’s “Better Bedroom” initiative
  • Installed in the Iris Murdoch Centre – the UK’s leading research institute into dementia care
  • Provides the skirting trim & heating in one – cost effective for new build and refurbishment
  • All around comfort for all occupants - anywhere in the room
  • Low cost infection control – no deep cleans as simply wiped clean when mopping floors
  • Anti- tamper top capping & stainless steel covers – robust and secure for high risk areas
  • Hygienic top edge and floor trim – integrates into wall and coved floor coverings
  • Safe & secure – no trip or fall hazards and naturally anti ligature
  • Rapid response – controllable comfort with no over or under heating
  • Simple retro-fit – no disturbing floors or removing pipework
  • Completely free walls – to liberate your room design and your furniture layout
  • Low surface temperature option – complies with HBN 27 requirements
  • Available with contrasting top cap colour – for dementia and mental health care facilities
  • Above ground but not overhead – simple maintenance and repair
  • No “hot head” issues – suitable for users with learning difficulties or challenging behaviour
  • No “dead leg” syndrome – avoids staff complaints relating to long shifts on heated floors
  • Choice of controls – local, remote, internet or BMS enabled systems available

ThermaTwin - Solar Hot Water, PV Powered

Originally marketed under the 'Solar Twin' banner, the ThermaTwin solar thermal panel has been in production for over 13 years, and has over 3,000 successful installs.

The secret to ThermaTwin's success is its simplicity, reliability and ease of installation.

Using a unique freeze tolerant, flexible and hygienically approved pipe inside the flat plate solar collector, the ThermaTwin panel takes the drinkable water from the domestic tank and returns it directly back to it as hot water, at up to 80°C.

At a stroke, ThermaTwin eliminates the hidden losses in more complicated solar thermal systems that have glycol (better known as anti freeze) which is 30% worse than pure water for absorbing heat and requires regular level checks and maintenance to maintain performance. By feeding the tank direct, ThermaTwin usually does not need a heat exchanger which again underpins the systems surprising performance and efficacy that simple output temperature graphs cannot really demonstrate.

In addition, the elimination of Glycol from the system makes the water less viscous and easier to pump round; so much so that a small low voltage variable speed DC pump is adequate. A small 'onboard' solar PV panel is thus easily able to provide enough power to run the pump and controls. The Solar PV panel again provides a performance gain not considered when comparing simple output figures with more expensive and complicated flat plate or evacuated tubes that use mains powered pumps and controls.

This makes the entire ThermaTwin system 'off-grid' as it uses the power of the sun to both heat the water and power the pump – something no other system can do. The patented design is thus ideal for properties looking to come off oil or LPG without increasing their electric demand, and is eligible under the Green Deal and RHI schemes.

Nothing is as Reliable as ThermaTwin

ThermaTwin Solar Panel

Similarly ThermaTwin can be retrofitted onto the 1,000,000's of UK properties that have a perfectly serviceable vented cylinder with practically no modification to the pipe work, and without the need to upgrade to an expensive twin coil cylinder – which would also require an annual inspection to maintain a landlord safety certificate.

Consider ThermaTwin’s unique benefits:

  • PV Powered pump and controls means genuine zero running costs
  • No glycol means no maintenance or level checks
  • Simple controls ensures long life reliability
  • Direct to tank design means minimal disruption & costs to install
  • Lightweight (<30kg empty) means easier install and minimal roof loading
  • Eligible for Green Deal & RHI projects

AquAtticTM - The Roof that Recycles your Rain

AquAtticTM is a unique and UK designed system, specifically developed to make rainwater harvesting simple, energy efficient and above all cost effective. Utilising gravity, AquAtticTM eliminates the problems of traditional ‘in-ground’ rainwater harvesting: namely; costly and disruptive earthworks, multi discipline installation (ground worker, plumber and electrician) and most importantly, the running and maintenance cost of a pump, controls and filters.

By using the redundant space right in the eaves of the roof (even if there is a room or bedroom in the loft) the specially shaped storage tanks provide a safe and durable rainwater recycling system – all in the attic.

Non potable water, such as used in toilet flushing, washing machines and garden maintenance and car cleaning, accounts for up to 50% of every household’s water bill. Imagine – cutting your water bill in half, whilst helping to save a valuable resource.

By capturing rainwater and reusing it, you eliminate the contamination that rainfall absorbs as it passes through the ground (such as limescale in hard water areas) and storm water drain system, which then requires costly and inefficient treatment by your water provider before being pumped miles along leaky pipes back to your home.

Think about this: With the UKs ageing and leaky mains water system typically losing 25% of the expensively processed and treated drinkable quality water before it even reaches your home, and then typically 50% is literally ‘flushed away’; what a costly and inefficient use of the earths most precious (and irreplaceable) resource.

AquAttic - Elegant Rainwater Harvesting

Your tap water is 4 billion years old

AquAttic Rainwater Harvesting System

What is not often realised is that there is no more water on planet earth now, than there was when the world was formed, more than 4,000,000,000 years ago. It has constantly been recycled and reused as it evaporates, falls as rain, flows into rivers to the sea, and then starts the cycle again. In the middle of this cycle is Mankind, drinking and using it, but never destroying it, but very often polluting, wasting and ignoring its precious value to life.

More than 96% of the Earth’s water is undrinkable sea water, and the ice caps account for a further 3%. That leaves less than 1% of the entire world’s water in rivers, lakes and in clouds for the earth’s population to drink, wash and clean in.

No wonder the experts reckon the next major conflict will be about water...

Consider AquAttic’s unique benefits:

  • Utilises unused roof space - even in properties with loft bedrooms
  • 'Free' harvesting of rainwater - no electrical pumps or servicing costs
  • Minimal Installation costs – no ground works or earth disposal
  • Fit & Forget – Self cleaning option provides complete peace of mind
  • Simple installation – Utilises industry standard fittings familiar to roofers & plumbers
  • Rapid install and commissioning – Complete systems done in under a day
  • Extended Warranty – Up to 10 year ltd liability warranty against defect
  • Self install or supply & fit packages available
  • Nationwide fitting and/or install training

Recent Installations

DiscreteHeat have installed over 13,000 ThermaSkirt systems throughout the UK and overseas.
Here are just a few, with photographs and comments sent in by our customers.

Living & Dining rooms

Urban LT Cricket White
TMF Modular Homes


Conservatories & Sun rooms

Regency OG & Deco PR
Mr. Rob Hanlon


Hospitals & Care Homes

EasyClean & EasyClean†
Queensway Health Centre


Schools, Colleges & Nurseries

Double Deco PR & Urban LT
Giant Leap Nursery


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