About DiscreteHeat Co. Ltd.

Since we appeared on BBC's Dragons Den I am pleased to say that DiscreteHeat have now supplied over 20,000 domestic ThermaSkirt® heating systems. Further more, the company has installed on many important and prestigious installations in the NHS, Schools, Care Homes and other public spaces around the world.

Featuring more and more on DIY & TV makeover programs has also helped DiscreteHeat's profile, whilst our involvement in the Retrofit for the Future and the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme is an important milestone in DiscreteHeat's development.

As our reputation continues to rise and word spreads DiscreteHeat has started to generate business on a global scale, supplying ThermaSkirt heating systems to Western Europe, Australia, South America and ever more frequently to the USA.

ThermaSkirt’s compatibility with renewables such as air & ground source, biomass and solar thermal systems was recognised in 2012 when DiscreteHeat picked up the award for the most innovative product of the year at the National Heat Pump awards (beating Mitsubishi Electric who finished in 2nd place).

The two principal forms of room space heating - conventional radiators and under floor heating (UFH) - now have an established, dynamic and innovative alternative in ThermaSkirt®.

More recently, DiscreteHeat's move into Solar Thermal manufacturing by the acquisition of the Solar Twin manufacturing facility - now marketed under the 'ThermaTwin' name - has seen DiscreteHeat's horizons broaden considerably. With over 3,000 of these PV powered panels installed across the UK, the efficiency, cost effectiveness and reliability of ThermaTwin in providing truly 'free' hot water is unrivalled.

Providing alternative, reliable and above all, energy efficient heating solutions is what DiscreteHeat is all about.

Martin Wadsworth
Managing Director
DiscreteHeat Co Ltd

DiscreteHeat now manufacture solar thermal panels.
ThermaSkirt® has featured on TV deisgn and makeover shows, the world over

ThermaSkirt® - The Worlds Smartest Heating System

DiscreteHeat & ThermaSkirt® is the eco friendly heating solution. ThermaSkirt is a new and innovative way of heating your room. ThermaSkirt makes the most of a skirting board and radiator and turns it into effective, eco-friendly heating. Designed and manufactured in the UK by DiscreteHeat Company Limited, the system replaces your skirting boards and radiators in one. ThermaSkirt will work with existing conventional boilers as well as renewable technologies such as solar, ground source and air source heat pumps.

DiscreteHeat's ThermaSkirt®d; has been tested by BSRIA fully complies with BS-EN 442 & carries the CE mark. In a like for like test against radiators ThermaSkirt was shown to be at least 13% more energy efficient. With the correct boiler & control system, fuels savings of up to 25% are possible with ThermaSkirt.

In test, ThermaSkirt was proven to be the most efficient form of heating, giving the best uniform heat distribution, with only a ±1°C variation, compared to a radiator with a massive 13°C variation. [See Energy Savings]

The effect of ThermaSkirt is indistinguishable from under-floor heating in that it heats the room from all sides and at low level and yet it is as simple to fit as a radiator. As ThermaSkirt is as slim and discrete as a skirting board, it takes up no wall or floor space. Because ThermaSkirt is above ground, it can be used with any floor construction or coving including timber and carpet and warms up the room quickly.

DiscreteHeat has developed a complete range of patented push fit components so that any competent DIY enthusiast or local plumber (or joiner!) can fit the system quickly. ThermaSkirt even connects to existing systems and is ideal for both new build, extension and refurbishment applications.

ThermaSkirt uses a unique aluminium alloy material that is 5 times more effective than steel at passing heat & can run efficiently at temperatures as low as 35°C & as high as 75°C.

Over 20,000 ThermaSkirt systems have been successfully installed to date. [See Customers Gallery]

EasyClean LST system is suitable for the HealthCare & NHS

The EasyClean LST Heating System is a radiant panel, designed to replace the radiator and skirting trim in one. Available in single height (EasyClean LST) and double height (EasyClean†) for more open and hard to heat spaces, the system provides a rapid and controllable heat emitter at low level, all around the room. Being a ‘sealed unit’ there are no slots or grilles to allow the ingress of waste matter or bacteria, and so the spread of infection by the heating system is eliminated by a simple mop down when cleaning the floors. No deep clean teams, no hot or cold spots & rapid controllable comfort.

The EasyClean LST has been developed in cooperation with the Estates and Infection Control team at NHS Trafford General, and in particular with Dr Barzo Faris (see left, now Infection Control Lead at Manchester MRI). The domestic ThermaSkirt system has over 20,000 installed systems, but to meet the specific and demanding requirements of the HealthCare and Mental Health sector, a bespoke product was developed which has become widely known and specified as the EasyClean LST.

The EasyClean system provides a safe, secure, controllable and energy efficient alternative to traditional radiators and covers, Underfloor Heating and Overhead Radiant Panels. The system has been installed in 4 NHS projects to date (as at 31st October 2014), and specified on 3 more. In addition, the EasyClean LST system has been installed in hundreds of assisted and independent living units for persons with physical and learning disabilities and challenging behaviour. The System has also been installed in the Iris Murdoch Dementia Services Development Centre in Stirling and Better Bedrooms 1 in Warrington, as examples of best practise to those in Mental Health Care Services Training.

Discrete Heat Acquires Solar Thermal Panel Manufacturer

DiscreteHeat is pleased to announce the purchase of the Solar Twin manufacturing facility, which will be re-located to the company’s factory in Atherton, Greater Manchester.

On the market for over 13 years and with over 2,500 Solar Twin systems successfully installed, the Solar Twin product will be marketed under the DiscreteHeat banner, under the new name of ‘ThermaTwin’.

ThermaTwin is a unique flat plate solar thermal collector, which uses the power of the sun to heat the water and power the pump and controls. As a result the system is completely off-grid and maximises the total energy available to service the needs of the home, whilst reducing the carbon consumed during operation to effectively zero. ThermaTwin offers a robust, practical and affordable solution to your hot water and heating requirements and with the RHI feed in tariff recently announced at 19.2p per kwH, the product offers a very affordable solution that meets the payback Golden Rule.


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