Free Hot Water from Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal has been a tried and tested way of reducing the energy costs of both new build and renovation projects for over 25 years. Unlike other forms of renewable heat energy, Solar Thermal is equally beneficial to those properties that are not so well insulated as well as those that are built to the highest specification.

This is because the domestic hot water usage is solely dependant on occupancy and lifestyle; it is totally independent of the standard of insulation.

During the summer months, (June, July & August) ThermaTwin solar thermal panels are capable of providing 100% of the hot water used for washing and bathing. In the winter months (December, January & February), this may fall to 30%, but overall, an average household should save about 65~70% of their annual energy costs for hot water – a not inconsiderable sum.

In addition, unlike any other Solar Thermal panel, ThermaTwin uses a solar photo voltaic (PV) powered controller and water pump. Just like PV panels that use the power of the sun to create electricity, the on-board PV panel which sits on top of the ThermaTwin collector provides sufficient energy to drive the pump and controls without any mains connection. In other words, the hot water you have created is completely free, whereas other panels use a mains 24Ov connection to power the pump and control unit.

This energy used to power other solar thermal panels is not considered in the efficiency tests carried out to gain approval and so artificially inflates their performance compared to ThermaTwin.

Please bear this in mind when comparing other Solar Thermal systems with our ThermaTwin system.


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