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ThermaSkirt vs Underfloor Heating

Here at DiscreteHeat we are often asked.. “Why choose ThermaSkirt instead of underfloor heating?” The answer we invariably give is.. “Depends”

You see, here at DiscreteHeat, we recognise that for many applications, UFH is a great solution – non more so than in a new build with hard floor finishes such as tiles and marble. When it’s a retrofit, or potentially insulating floor coverings are envisaged such as carpets in a bedroom or real hard wood floors in a Living room, we genuinely believe that ThermaSkirt is the best solution. So; if you have a project with mixed methods of construction or floor finishes, why box yourself in with only one form of emitter?

For that reason, DiscreteHeat have teamed up with the UK’s leading supplier and installer of UFH – Nu-Heat. Specialising in all forms of UFH and renewables including Heat Pumps and Solar, Nu Heat can offer a one-stop heating solution whatever your project – new build, renovation or conversion.

Nu Heat Managing Director, David Roberts explains:

“Nu Heat has always been about customer service and providing the right solution for the project; even if that meant walking away from jobs where UFH wasn’t suitable. Now with the ThermaSkirt product, we can offer a complete range of heating solutions, whether it be new build or retrofit. We are especially excited about the ThermaSkirt solution in bedrooms and existing houses where owners want the benefit of all-around radiant heat, but couldn’t justify taking up floors and carpeting to achieve it”

With a nationwide network of highly trained installers, Nu Heat can offer a complete turn-key solution with excellent after sales care for complete peace of mind. So; if you’re having a new extension with a tiled floor and fancy UFH to keep the tiles warm as well as the room – why not? And if you really want to save space upstairs, create the same all-around energy saving radiant heat without disturbing the carpets, then you can have ThermaSkirt from the same supplier and installation team. Simple. So, the question is not really ThermaSkirt OR UFH, but ThermaSkirt AND UFH – for many projects the perfect combination.

DiscreteHeat Managing Director, Martin Wadsworth:

“When we learned that more than 65% of projects using UFH are ground floor only, we recognised the potential of teaming up with the No 1 provider of integrated heating solutions. This strategic partnership gives Nu Heat a distinct advantage against upstairs radiators and enables Discrete Heat to focus on our rapidly expanding Commercial Projects in large scale residential, Retirement, Assisted Living and Student Accommodation”

For integrated projects involving UFH, ThermaSkirt and Renewables, please contact our Installation Technology Partners: www.nu-heat.co.uk

Martin Wadsworth

As survivor of BBC’s Dragons’ Den, Martin has built over 100 properties in the North West, including on a flood plain in Cheshire. He has over 12 patents in his name for industrial products, including 6 in plumbing in heating.