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ThermaSkirt Launched Across Egypt in Partnership with Heatec Hot Water Solutions

We are excited to announce that Heatec, a leading provider of heating solutions in Egypt, has established an official distribution partnership with DiscreteHeat, the manufacturers of the innovative ThermaSkirt skirting board heating system. This partnership will allow Heatec to distribute the ThermaSkirt system across Egypt, providing homeowners with an efficient and cost-effective heating solution.

Heatec is a well-established provider of heating solutions in Egypt, offering a wide range of products and services to both residential and commercial customers. With this new partnership, Heatec can now add ThermaSkirt to its range of offerings, providing homeowners with a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional heating systems.

The ThermaSkirt system has been gaining popularity in the UK and Europe in recent years, as more and more homeowners are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their homes. With the system, heat is radiated from the skirting board, creating an even distribution of heat throughout the room. This eliminates cold spots and reduces energy wastage, resulting in a more efficient heating solution.

The partnership with Heatec is a significant step forward for DiscreteHeat as it allows them to expand their reach beyond the UK and Europe. Heatec's extensive network and experience in the Egyptian market will be invaluable in bringing the benefits of the ThermaSkirt system to homeowners in Egypt.

DiscreteHeat's Managing Director, Martin Wadsworth, said,

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Heatec, a company with a reputation for excellence in the industry. This partnership will enable us to reach more customers in Egypt, providing them with an efficient and cost-effective heating solution."

This partnership is also significant for Heatec as it allows them to add a new and innovative product to their range of offerings. The ThermaSkirt system provides an excellent alternative to traditional heating systems, offering significant energy savings and reduced heating costs. With the increasing demand for energy-efficient heating solutions, Heatec is well-positioned to meet the needs of homeowners in Egypt.

The partnership between Heatec and DiscreteHeat is an exciting development for the heating industry in Egypt. The ThermaSkirt system offers a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution to homeowners, and with Heatec's expertise and extensive network, it is now more accessible than ever. We look forward to seeing the benefits of this partnership for homeowners across Egypt.

Martin Wadsworth

As survivor of BBC’s Dragons’ Den, Martin has built over 100 properties in the North West. He has over 12 patents in his name for industrial products, including 6 in plumbing in heating.