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Urban LT - 6"/150 mm
Cricket White - CW

Urban LT - 6"/150 mm <br /> Cricket White - CW
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 1) How many metres of Heated ThermaSkirt do you need?
      (Standard lengths - round upto nearest 1/2m)
Estimate the amount of ThermaSkirt that you require or would like to have heat the room. Remember that the more wall perimeter you heat, the more like UFH it will feel, and the cooler & more efficiently the system can operate. Sections separated by an obstruction such as a doorway etc can be connected using a "Threshold or Architrave Kit. (See Items 8, 9 or 10)"

  I need 'CUT lengths' (specify the wall lengths in metres) - upto 6m
You can add the wall lengths + 100mm to allow for errors and do the final cut to size on site, or specify the cut length to allow for the connections – refer to our instructions for cutting allowances.
Urban LT 6''/150 mm
£ 33.08 p/m £ 0.00
 2) How many metres of MDF DUMMY Skirting do you need?
An MDF match for non-heated areas. Available primed only and suitable only for painted ThermaSkirt. Timber finishes will require "dry" aluminium sections "(Add more 'm' to Item 1)"
Urban LT - Dummy Skirting
£ 11.55 p/m £ 0.00

 3) How many Feed and Return points do you need?
This is the feed & return pipe connection, and the return loop at the end of the skirting. For a clockwise or anti-clockwise feed you will need '1' set per active system. If you are replacing a radiator or feeding both clockwise and anti-clockwise from a single point, select 'bi directional'. A feed and return set includes all the parts you need to connect your ThermaSkirt system to the central heating pipes. Standard is UK 15mm connections. 16mm & ½" US fittings on request.
  Feed & return kit clockwiseClockwise
From the pipe connections, the ThermaSkirt travels to the right, or ‘clockwise’ around the room.
  Feed & return kit anti-clockwiseAnti-Clockwise
From the pipe connections, the ThermaSkirt travels to the left, or ‘anti–clockwise’ around the room.
  Feed & return kit bi-directionalBi-Directional
From a mid-wall pipe connection, the ThermaSkirt is heated both to the right (clockwise) and to the left (anti-clockwise). Usually used to replace an existing radiator.

 Do you want to add Digital Controls? Digital Controls
Digital or manifold controls replace the simple ‘on-board’ TRV control knobs on the skirting. Concealed space such as an airing cupboard or in floor or wall may be required to locate the remote controls, as in the case of under floor heating.

Feed & return kit clockwise
Feed & return kit anti-clockwise
Feed & return kit bi-directional

£ 82.69
£ 82.69
£ 110.25


£ 0.00
£ 0.00
£ 0.00
 4) How many 90° Internal Corners do you need?
This allows for the connectors and covers for a standard 90°(±3°) Corner. For non standard angles such as 135° etc select a "Special Corner".
90° Internal Corner Cover
£ 15.44 ea £ 0.00
 5) How many 90° External Corners do you need?
This allows for the connectors and covers for a standard 90°(±3°) Corner. For non standard angles such as 135° etc select a "Special Corner".
90° External Corner Cover
£ 16.54 ea £ 0.00
 6) How many ILS (In-Line Connection Set, skirting to skirting) do you need?
For walls over 6m in length, an in-line connection set is needed to connect two lengths together.
In-Line Connection set, skirting to skirting
£ 15.44 ea £ 0.00
 7) How many Special Corners (Int/Ext - angle required for manufacture) do you need?
For Non standard angles and or special lengths of covers. You will need to provide a manufacturing template with dimensions when you order. Downloadable from: ‘Special Corners & Covers Templates’
Special Corners
£ 53.13 ea £ 0.00
 8) How many Threshold Kits (under the door/opening/obstruction) do you need?
This allows the flow & return to continue past an obstruction such as doorways, fireplaces, arches etc.
Threshold Kit
£ 47.41 ea £ 0.00

 9) How many metres of floor mounted Heated Threshold ThermaSkirt do you need?
Deco profile can be installed on the floor below patio or sun-fold doors or glazed walls to provide heating in the coldest part of the room and continue the feed across the room.
Opening/Patio Door 1
Opening/Patio Door 2
Opening/Patio Door 3
Heated Threshold Kit
£ 36.75

(+ £ 52.50
per opening)
p/m £ 0.00
 10) How many Architrave Kits (over the door/opening) do you need?
This allows the Flow & Return to continue past a doorway, where solid floor does not allow a Threshold Kit to be installed.
Architrave Kit
£ 150.15 ea £ 0.00
 11) How many metres of CURVED Skirting do you need? (separate m's from item 1)
Curved sections for bay windows or feature walls will require a template. Please ask for a cutting template as we can only fabricate to your requirements. Do not include this length in (Item 1; "Heated ThermaSkirt") "Measure it separately".
Curved Skirting
£ 132.32 p/m £ 0.00
 12) How many Special/extended covers do you need?
If you have opted for ‘dry’ ThermaSkirt -painted or timber finish- rather than MDF, you may need additional dummy covers to complete the look. Alternatively, if your feed and return point (Item #1) is in a non-standard position, you may need a special cover to maintain the aesthetics. Templates are available for all special covers at ‘Special Corners & Covers Templates’
Special/extended Covers
£ 24.26 ea £ 0.00

This is an estimating service only that makes certain assumptions and is accurate to about ± 5%.
For a detailed design-on-line, heat loss estimate and bill of materials breakdown, download the FREE SOFTWARE ThermaSkirt Designer

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£ 0.00
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£ 0.00
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