Plinth heaters are available from ThermaSkirt!

Where wall space is at a premium, a plinth heater can provide an invaluable way of providing heat by taking advantage of a space that otherwise is unused and generally out of site. When kitchen and bedroom companies are designing the layout of your kitchen and bedroom, they rarely consider the heating and in particular where any radiators will go. This then usually requires a compromise in the form of a reduction in the ideal layout to create wall space for a conventional radiator, or an addition in the form of underfloor heating.

Alternatively, the customer may end up with a traditional plinth heater which incorporates a heating element and a fan to blow warmed air, often blowing the dust around or scorching toes. None of these typical solutions are ideal and UFH is particularly expensive to fit if the floor is already down. ThermaSkirt plinth heaters are designed for use in kitchens and bedrooms. They fit neatly onto most types of fitted furniture, facia’s, display units and false walls.

ThermaSkirt is a radiant heating solution disguised as a skirting board and designed to replace the skirting boards and radiators in one convenient cost effective package.

The Urban LT (Lambs Tongue profile), Classic TS (Torus profile) and Deco PR (Pencil Round design) are particularly suited to mounting onto kitchen and wardrobe plinths, and are available in a wide range of colours and finishes – even oak!

By installing ThermaSkirt along the plinths of the units, you create a warm and comfortable environment without disturbing any dust or creating a particularly uncomfortable hot spot.

There are adaptors available to allow the ThermaSkirt to bypass obstacles such as dishwashers and fridges, and even dummy décor panels to allow such appliances to be removed without disturbing the heating system.

As kitchen units are made from wood or MDF, and are designed to house ovens and microwave ovens without problem, the relatively gentle heat emitted by ThermaSkirt plinth heaters presents no hazard to the units or the contents themselves.

When installed correctly, ThermaSkirt can provide a clean and energy efficient heating system for kitchens and bedrooms with built in furniture, without sacrificing comfort, efficiency, space or practicality.

Available in a wide range of profiles and colours and finishes, why not let ThermaSkirt provide you with a radical alternative to traditional noisy and cumbersome fan assisted fan heaters?


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