Published on: Dec 13 2016 12:17PM

The lvy Restaurant - London

ThermaSkirt EasyClean tackles spread of harmful infections in student accommodation

Recently installed in the private dining area of the world renowned Ivy restaurant in the heart of Londons’ West End, ThermaSkirt e is taking the chill off the cold Winter evenings.

Opting for the stylish Deco BM profile in Cricket White, the electric version of ThermaSkirt was fitted in a few hours to minmise disruption to diners.

Installation Manager Carl Barrington was in charge of the the high profile installation which commenced once the resturant had closed and had to be complete before it re-opened.

Carl explained;
“It was a bit James Bond, as we had to be escorted in and out, and eveything had to be done without anyone finding out. Lucklly the Electric ThermaSkirt is a simple install, so we could get in an get out without the restaurant having to cancel any bookings”


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